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Your Editor had zero work today, and no drivers coming in, due to the impending snowstorm, so he used a vacation day. Might as well get the weekend From around the blogroll post done!

The Pirate’s Cove notes that President Obama is going to focus on jobs, jobs, jobs!

Hooray! Obama To Focus On Jobs During SOTU 2013

By William Teach February 8, 2013 – 11:55 am

In case you’re wondering, this is a repeat of the 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 SOTUs, not too mention every once in awhile during his kingship and during the campaign now and then, where he “pivots” with a “laser like focus” till squirrel!!!

(UPI) U.S. President Barack Obama told House Democrats Thursday his State of the Union address will focus on job creation, education and energy independence.

Speaking at the House Democratic Issues Conference in Leesburg, Va., the president repeated a theme from his 2012 re-election campaign, that “our economy succeeds and our economy grows when everybody is getting a fair shot and everybody is getting a fair shake and everybody is playing by the same rules.”

“Because I believe that is a growth agenda — not just an equity agenda, not just a fairness agenda — that is a growth agenda,” he said.

“And that means that what you’ll hear from me next week, I’m going to be talking about making sure that we’re focused on job creation here in the United States of America,” Obama said.

Mr Teach’s conclusion at the original.

Thing is, I had thought that President Obama had already been focusing on jobs; his 2009 stimulus bill was sold to the Congress and the public as holding unemployment down to a maximum of 8% during the worst of the recession, and having it below 6% now. Unemployment peaked at 10.0%, and even now is still at 7.9%.

And a “growth agenda?” We have already noted that for 2012, three years after the recession was technically over, our economic growth rate was a whopping 1.5%, and that economists are projecting a staggering 2.4% growth rate for 2013. Given that the President’s past policies have neither reduced unemployment significantly nor promoted economic growth rates which would create enough jobs to reduce unemployment, perhaps it might be considered that having this President focus on the economy isn’t exactly a good thing.

The excellently named Dana Loesch tweeted:


But, of course, she isn’t a first lady: a real first lady is actually married to the President; Monsieur Hollande and Mademoiselle Trierweiler are just shacking up.

Karen, the Lonely Conservative, noted that the left’s favorite Nobel Prize wining economist, Paul Krugman, has stated that higher taxes on everybody and the well-mocked “death panels” will have to be apart of our future. Sarah Palin told you so! From The Washington Post:

Sarah Palin, ‘Death Panels’ and ‘Obamacare’

Photo by J Scott Applewhite

Posted by  at 04:23 PM ET, 06/27/2012 “I stand by everything I wrote in that warning to my fellow Americans”

— Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin (R), in a Facebook post titled “‘Death Panel’ Three Years Later’”

On the eve of the historic Supreme Court ruling on President Obama’s health-care law, the one-time vice presidential nominee posted a notice on Facebook saying she was right about accusing the Obama administration of instituting “death panels” after all. Quoting from her original post, she wrote:

 The America I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with Down Syndrome will have to stand in front of Obama’s “death panel” so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their “level of productivity in society,” whether they are worthy of health care. Such a system is downright evil.

Specifically, Palin references the Independent Payment Advisory Board, created in the law, saying “its purpose all along has been to ‘keep costs down’ by actually denying care via price controls and typically inefficient bureaucracy.” She added that “this subjective rationing of care is what I was writing about in that first post.”

Let’s take a look at what Palin claims.

The Facts

First of all, Palin is not quoting herself correctly.

Her first post was about a proposal in the emerging bill that would allow Medicare to pay for doctor’s appointments for patients to discuss living wills and other end-of-life issues. Palin’s decision to call this pending provision a “death panel” ignited a firestorm that resulted in the language being removed from the final legislation.

The debate predated the relaunch of The Fact Checker column, but our colleagues of PolitiFact awarded Palin with the 2009 “Lie of the Year” for the death panel claim.

The political impact of her statement is hard to overstate. In 2011, the Obama administration even deleted all references to end-of-life planning in a new Medicare regulation when opponents interpreted the move as a back-door effort to allow such planning. So even in the regulations Palin achieved her goal.

More at the link. Note that the Washington Post article wasn’t written in 2009, but in May of 2012. Now it seems that Mrs Palin’s supposed Lie Of The Year might not have been quite the fabrication our friends on the left said it was; now it’s looking like she was ahead of the curve, and predicted things correctly when the liberals were lying to even themselves. The esteemed Dr Krugman’s words aren’t Administration policy — at least, not yet — but at least he is admitting to the public and to himself that what the liberals once mocked will become a necessary feature of ObaminableCare.

Hot Air briefly noted the supposedly non-partisan Congressional Budget Office’s projection that 7 million Americans who currently have health insurance through their employers would lose it.1

When your Editor tried to document the 7 million statistic, he noticed something very strange: a google search for health care 7 million, which returned “About 798,000,000 results (0.19 seconds),” quickly returned conservative newspapers like The Washington Times, but I had to go to the sixth page to find a single source from a liberal part of the mainstream media, this from, and not a single returned story on the subject from The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Los Angeles Times, CBS, ABC, or CNN. Plenty of conservative bloggers picked up on it, but those depending on the traditional mainstream media, well, they never heard about it! Somehow, they all managed to miss it; I wonder how?

Donald Douglas wrote:

Who’s Defending the Targeted Executions of Americans?

As regular readers know, the U.S. government’s drone program isn’t that controversial to me, except for the fact of the Obama administration’s enormous moral bankruptcy and political hypocrisy. I would admit, however, that the killing of Awkaki’s 16-year-old son is problematic. It seems to me that if the U.S. Supreme Court is willing to prohibit capital punishment for minors, then there needs to be something above and beyond the raising-arms-against-the-U.S. argument for such a targeted killing. And was the kid even himself a terrorist? Or he was unlucky enough to have a father who was alleged to be a terrorist?

More at the link. Like Dr Douglas, I don’t have a problem with the program, and actually strongly approve of the deliberate targeting of terrorist/ Islamist leaders, as the Israelis have been doing for several years. If one of them happens to be an American citizen like Anwar al-Awlaki, working from a foreign haven like Yemen, I have no more sympathy or respect for him than I would if he were a Pakistani citizen. The notion that war must be fought World War II style, where we have to go through vast armies of underlings and ordinary soldiers before we get to der Führer seems wasteful and antiquated to me. How many millions of French and German and Russian and Jewish and Ukrainian and Serbian lives could have been saved if the Unite Kingdom had had, in 1939, a drone with 2013 capabilities, that could have killed Adolf Hitler at his Chancellery or Bertesgarten?

Like most conservatives, I don’t particularly trust President Obama’s wisdom or judgement in the use of such weapons, or anything, really, but Mr Obama will not be President forever, and I would not tie the hands of a responsible Commander-in-Chief when it comes to defending our country, just because we have an irresponsible one now.

From Robert Stacey Stacy McCain:

Doctor Death: 29-Year-Old Patient Dies After Late-Term Abortion in Maryland

Posted on | February 8, 2013 | 7 Comments and 0 Reactions

Dr. LeRoy Carhart is one of America’s most notorious abortionists. He specializes in late-term abortion and, unless you actually know what’s involved in it, you cannot possibly imagine what a gruesome atrocity the bland phrase ”late-term abortion” describes. Now, according to a report by Operation Rescue, a 29-year-old woman has died after Carhart performed such an atrocity at a Maryland clinic:

A 29-year old woman died [Thursday] as the result of fatal complications suffered during an abortion at 33 weeks that was done by LeRoy Carhart at Germantown Reroductive Health Center in Germantown, Maryland. . . .

The woman, who came for a third trimester abortion from out-of-state, arrived at GRHC on Sunday and was seen by pro-life activists every day through Wednesday. Witnesses said she appeared “pale and weak.”

Early Thursday morning, the woman began suffering chest pain and other discomforts. Her attempts to reach Carhart were unsuccessful. The woman was taken by her family from her hotel to a nearby hospital emergency room at approximately 5:00 a.m. Efforts by hospital staff to contact Carhart or get informational assistance from the abortion clinic were unsuccessful.

A lot more at the link. The esteemed Mr McCain later tweeted:

Well, no, they wouldn’t. Nothing which casts any doubt or aspersion or anything negative on abortion or abortionists must ever be mentioned by the professional media.

L D Jackson writes about the upcoming sequester.

Kit on The Victory Girls is tired of the inordinate attention paid to matters which, if not trivial in a local sense, are in a national one . . .especially when it comes to sex and crime. And Cassy mocks Tony Benet’s claim that we need gun control so we don’t turn into the Third Reich.

Hube noted a “mother” in denial about how well she reared her son.

Phineas noted reports that former Senator Chuck Hagel (R-NE), President Obama’s nominee for Secretary of Defense, accepted money from Hamas’ sources, and that the professional media, who were so quick to try to hang Jared Loughner to conservatives, seem to have scrubbed fugitive killer Christopher Dorner’s online left wing, pro-Obama, pro-gun control “manifesto.” I hope that he wasn’t actually surprised.


  1. You have to read through the CBO report, a .pdf file, to find the information. It’s on page 59, where it states:

    Lower marginal tax rates under the American Taxpayer Relief Act reduce the tax benefit associated with employment-based health insurance and will lead to a greater reduction in such coverage and higher enrollment in insurance exchanges than previously estimated by CBO and JCT.

    The actual numbers can be found in Table A-2, on page 60.

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