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Well, of course this would never have happened before the election! From Robert Stacey Stacy McCain:

A Scandal Too Far: Steve Capus Terminated as NBC News President

Posted on February 2, 2013

The New York Times spins it this way:

The longest-serving president of any of the three network news divisions, Steve Capus of NBC News, stepped down from his position on Friday, six months after Comcast restructured its news units in a way that diminished his authority.

Exactly how voluntary was this “stepping down”? John Nolte points to the scandal-plagued tenure of Capus at NBC News:

More at the link. It is somewhat traditional for the professional media to ask the question, “Did he jump, or was he pushed?” whenever a high-ranking official resigns somewhat unexpectedly, but your Editor doesn’t expect any such stories concerning Mr Capus.

Mr McCain also has a humorous article about Typical Democrat Voters™. I’m not sure if Donald Douglas was amused or not.

William Teach noted that, as a reward for playing the Geaux Green game and committing to saving energy around the house, Mark Karolkiewicz of New Hampshire won a fossil-fuel-burning trip from New Hampshire to New Orleans for the Super Bowl.

Melanie of the Victory Girls writes about Lena Dunham as Honey Boo Boo. We don’t watch either Honey Boo Boo or Girls; Elaine saw a part of Honey Boo Boo once and shut it off, due to its offensive depiction of Southerners — we’re both from Kentucky — and the professional media’s typical presentation of Southerners as uneducated, boorish rubes. As for Girls, I never even heard of it before, though I had heard of the lovely Miss Dunham previously.

Hube noted the story about the viral image of an Applebee’s receipt in which the patron, supposedly a Christian pastor, reacted to the suggested gratuity of 18% by writing on the receipt, “I give God 10% — why do you get 18?” The waitress was in the wrong to publish an image of the receipt, but the “pastor” was also wrong: Applebee’s has a clear notification that for parties of more than eight people, an 18% gratuity will be included on the bill. If someone does not approve of that policy, he is free to take his business elsewhere. Hube worked as a waiter and bartender while in college, and is not at all supportive of people who go to restaurants where they know tipping is expected, and don’t tip.

At any rate, Pastor Alois Bell — who has now apologized, though your Editor fails to see how her apology will pay the waitress’ rent — complained and demanded that the waitress and management all be fired, and the waitress was fired. Perhaps Pastor Bell’s congregants might stiff her in the collection plate this Sunday. The waitress was in the wrong in publishing the receipt which included her customer’s personal information, but your Editor wonders why a Christian pastor in St Louis, which has an unemployment rate of 7.2%, would demand that someone who is actually working for a living be fired.

On Facebook, I found a weekend project for John Hitchcock –> Click on the photo to enlarge!

From Sister Toldjah:

Poll: Obamacare, new govt regulation fears among top reasons small biz aren’t hiring

Posted by: ST on February 1, 2013 at 9:32 am 

Via Gallup:

Owners Are Not Hiring For More Than the Usual Reasons

When owners who are not looking for new employees were asked to evaluate eight potential reasons they are not doing so, overall business conditions headed the list as usual, including not needing new employees at this time (with 81% indicating this as a reason), worries that revenues or sales won’t justify adding more employees (74%), and worries about the current status of the U.S. economy (66%).

However, 61% of owners pointed to worries about the potential cost of healthcare, 56% to worries about new government regulations, and 55% to worries about cash flow or the ability to make payroll. Thirty-two percent point to it being hard to find qualified employees.

At the bottom of the list, but still at a surprisingly high level, 30% of owners say they are not hiring because they are worried they may no longer be in business in 12 months. This is up from 24% who had the same worry in January 2012.

More at the link.

Business creation and expansion are, in essence, guesses: businessmen and entrepreneurs taking their best guesstimates as to whether business expansion or creation will result in a profit. Every individual businessman will have his own take on what things are more or less important in his calculations, and each will bring his own biases and perceptions to the table. And sometimes they get it wrong: businesses fail all the time, and many investments don’t pan out as profitable. But an interesting point: while we can see which businesses took the wrong decisions to hire and expand, via their failures, we can’t see which businessmen took the wrong decision not to start or expand a business, because it would have turned out profitable. There’s no such thing as a bad decision not to start a business!

Le*gal In*sur*rec*tion asks if Iran’s space launch of a monkey was faked. Your Editor wonders why, if the Iranians wanted to launch a chimpanzee into space, they didn’t use Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?

The Non-hyphenated American suggested on Facebook that Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) could easily get out of the trouble he’s in over accusations he used underaged prostitutes by announcing that he is homosexual. A gay Hispanic Democrat in Jersey? Untouchable!

The Lonely Conservative noted a Poll Shows 17% Of Male Marines Would Quit If Women Serve In Combat.

L D Jackson noted that President Obama is complaining about bias in the media. Is the President combitching that Steve Capus was resigned — that phraseology is deliberate — or that not every news organization is in the tank for the Democrats?

Donald Douglas noted the Suicide Bombing at U.S. Embassy in Turkey on Hillary Clinton’s Last Day at State Department. Your Editor wonders why an Islamist suicide bombing which kills one victim and injures two others is labelled a “terrorist act” by the Obama Administration, while a Muslim soldier who kills 32 people at Fort Hood, to prevent them from deploying to the Middle East, is still called “workplace violence” by the Administration. It must be that your Editor simply isn’t intelligent or sophisticated enough to see the difference.

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