My libertarian rant for today

Yesterday morning I got another of those anonymous political email chain letters, the kind that circulate over the Internet all the time. Anyway, the upshot was some old bag was waxing wroth at Senator Alan Simpson (of debt commission fame) for, among other things, threatening to alter the terms of Social Security and Medicare, stuff like raising the eligibility date and so forth.

So, I typed up a reply. Specifically, I replied

to the end of her message, where she said this:

I have been paying in to the SS system for 45 years. It’s my money

To which I said THIS:

I hate to say it, lady, but it is NOT your money. It’s the government’s money. They take it from you (you have no choice in the

matter) then dole it back to you later, but only under THEIR terms and conditions. If you think it’s your money, just try asking for your Social Security benefits early, or in one lump sum payment. Good luck with that!

Here’s where my Inner libertarian comes out. I’m going to make a controversial statement, the sort that, if I ever ran for office, would get me killed by 90% of the press and at least 70% of the political class, but here goes anyway.

Dear Madam, if Simpson and his ilk are greedy, then you and millions of others were suckers.

You were suckers when you voted to let POLITICIANS instead of INDIVIDUALS control your retirement (Social Security).

You were suckers when you voted to let politicians instead of individuals control your elderly health care (Medicare).

And 51% of you were suckers when you voted to let Obama, Pelosi, and Co control health care for the rest of us.

You were suckers because you trusted the government instead of yourselves. You foolishly thought the politicians cared about YOU when all they really care about is YOUR VOTE. Millions of you suckers voted for FDR and applauded when he took away part of your freedom. Millions more of you suckers voted for LBJ and applauded as he took away more of your freedom. So stop whining now that today’s politicians are taking away more freedom still. You got what you asked for, and now you’re stuck with it.

And thus endeth my libertarian rant for today.

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