It was horrible!

We had snow and freezing rain, so no trucks went out on the road today, and all of the drivers were gone by 0830. I was all by my lonesome at the plant, all day, and I had no internet!

I’m not sure how I survived.


  1. Currently 59F in Huntington Beach. Went mountain biking today, but cut my ride short due to fading brakes. Modern mountain bikes have disc brakes, just like cars and motorcycles, but mine seem to be wearing awfully fast. Or else the cables are stretching or working loose or something.

    So, the bike is back in the bike shop and they’re looking at it. One suggestion is to replace the current system with hydraulic brakes, but that could be costly. Might make sense to just buy a new bike if I’m going to do that.

    I use the bike quite hard, often coming down many hundreds of vertical feet with the trail/road quite steep in stretches. So it puts a lot of strain on the brakes. Still, it is a mountain bike, and such use for such a bike should be routine. For anyone else here with mountain bike experience, is it normal for the brakes to have to be adjusted all the time?

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