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Kate of the Victory Girls sent your Editor a link to an article by Kit, one of her co-bloggers (co-bloggesses?)1

The Absolute Idiocy of Liberal Logic, or Why Josh Marshall is a Pansy

by KIT on JANUARY 22, 2013

John Hawkins has a gem of a piece over at Right Wing News today.  Apparently Josh Marshall (don’t feel bad, I’ve never heard of him either) wrote a long, whiny, nutless screed over at TPM that was meant to explain why Americans shouldn’t be allowed to have guns–which is, by the way, because guns scare him and it’s his right to not have to be around them.   What makes it all even more rich is that he titles his puerile missive “Speaking For My Tribe.”  I’ll get to why that’s fitting and sadly hilarious in a minute.  First, let’s talk about the logic behind this whole idea that because Josh Marshall and his “tribe” are scared, we should get rid of our guns.

As Hawkins points out, the liberal stance on rights is basically this: “If I am offended by it, you shouldn’t be able to do it.  If I support it, you should be forced to accept it.”  This illegitimate standard is applied to everything.  We are told that we must accept every personal choice under the sun as perfectly viable and right and good–and we should happily pay for not only the facilitation of such choices, but any resulting consequences as well.  Stay out of my bedroom, but pay for whatever happens as a result of what I do in it.  The reverse certainly does not apply, however.  Can you imagine if I decided that Josh Marshall should pay for the guns I choose to collect?  (If someone else is paying, I’m going all out, let me assure you.  Hey! I think I just described the motto of the Obama administration…but I digress.)  The average liberal cannot see the hypocrisy in saying that my gun scares and offends him and he doesn’t think I should have it, but his lifestyle choices should be celebrated and loved and valued and accepted and taught to my children over my objections.  On that basis alone, Josh Marshall’s argument fails.  No conservative is saying you don’t have the right to be offended.  BE offended!  Hate guns with every fiber of your wussified being.  No one asked you to like my guns.  Tell you what — how about you do what you tell the rest of us to do when we are offended by the trash on television and the porn clogging our internet and the stupidity that passes for “art” now.  Just don’t look at it.

Those are just the first two paragraphs; Kit has a lot more at the original, but the first thing I thought, when I read it was, “This sounds like DNW, or his wife!” :)

So, your Editor will encourage JOURNAL readers, but especially our resident philosopher, to follow the link over to Kit’s original. Comments will be closed on this article; you can leave any comments at the original.

  1. Your Editor sends articles to Kate as well, for further publicity.