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Here in beautiful Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania, there is a stone wall just after you cross the Route 903 bridge into the east side of town, where people hang banners noting someone’s 40th birthday, or a wedding anniversary, or other things. There’s a banner up, right now — of which I meant to get a picture, before I caught the flu — advertising the gun show this weekend, in Memorial Hall, which is just across the baseball field from Jim Thorpe Area High School. Along those lines, from Kate of the Victory Girls:

Gun Appreciation Day 2013 and Weekend Links!

by KATE on JANUARY 19, 2013

oregon_gun_appreciation_2013 In support of the 2nd Amendment and the  on it by the Obama regime, firearms owners and gun advocacy groups around the country headed to gun shops, shooting ranges, and state capitals today as part of “Gun Appreciation Day.” The organizers were encouraging gun-rights supporters to “send a message” to President iWonTwice two days before his second Immaculation by “lining up around the block” at gun shops, ranges and shows with a copy of the Constitution, U.S. flags and a “Hands off my Guns” signs. Here in Oregon, upwards to 3,500 gun-toting patriots participated in a rally at our capital. It was most likely, the safest place in the state today. Here’s a photo a friend took of the event.

More at the link. In the meantime, Karen noted that the geniuses in New York who passed Governor Cuomo’s requested gun control law forgot to exclude law enforcement officers’ service weapons from the ban.

And Karen has another story up, noting that even if a physician asks a patient whether there are any firearms in the home, the patient has the right to tell the doctor to shove it up his [insert slang term for the rectum here] decline to answer. The part that disturbed me the most is that she stated that her children were asked these questions, every year, during their annual physicals. I don’t know how old Karen’s children are, but if they are old enough to be able to resist such questioning, I hope she is teaching them to tell the doctor that it’s none of his business.

In the meantime, again on our right to keep and bear arms, Phineas noted that technology has already made New York state’s ban on ammunition magazines capable to holding more than seven rounds obsolete.

Wil*liam Ja*cob*son noted the hour-long lines to get into the Jacksonville Gun Show.

Robert Stacey Stacy McCain wrote about how that Arab Spring thing is working out.

Donald Douglas noted that outgoing Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta is finally telling the truth about the Islamist terrorists, but that, with the Secretary on the way out the door, it’s probably meaningless.

William Teach told us about Greg Abbott, the Attorney General of Texas, inviting law-abiding gun owners in New York to come and bask in freedom in the Lone Star State.

L D Jackson wrote about the Lance Armstrong doping confession.

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