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On the 29th of December, your Editor noted the fight being waged by Hobby Lobby over the ObaminableCare mandate which would require them to include abortifacient coverage, the so-called “morning-after” pill, and Hobby Lobby’s refusal to do so.

It turns out that there is a “and now, for the rest of the story,” and it makes Hobby Lobby’s position look not quite so good. From Ros at Victory Girls:

Capitalist Hypocrisy, What?

by ROS on JANUARY 15, 2013

Oh, sweet, sweet Hobby Lobby, holder of my heart AND my wallet ……………. drop the hypocritical outrage.

It’s a little something like this:

Yeah, I’m to the right of Attila politically and fully endorse and support capitalism and the right of man to his ambitions, but I do have a functional brain that is far too wired and in overdrive even while sleeping. So, when I peruse the gilt aisles of cupcake wrappers and floral ribbon, heed the call of the ink on Stationery Row, submit to the siren’s call of the windchimes, I notice but one thing now that Hobbity Lobbity has decided to bellow their outrage at The Man:


Yeah, THAT China, the commie pinko land of the forced abortions (13 million abortions in China last year, peeps), where 500 women commit suicide daily, the enrollment of girls in school is ranked 107th worldwide, wages of women is 25% lower than those of men, where religion and speech are governmentally controlled, Han are treated as less-then-equal (to state it mildly), and the list goes on.

But let’s focus on the abortions in China, since that directly correlates to Hobbity Lobbity’s perceived violation of their Christian principles.

Read the whole thing.

That Hobby Lobby would be selling merchandise made in China should have occurred to me, but did not. What I had said about the government attempting to force American companies to provide abortifacient coverage remains valid, but Ros has pointed out an unfortunate truth to the story.

Victory Girls is a great blog, but they don’t get many comments; Ros’ article has drawn 65 so far (perhaps a record for them?). At any rate, I’ll close comments on this article from the start, and ask our readers to comment on the Victory Girls’ original. Please, keep it more civil than has been the norm here.