Brrr !!!

So much for the Global Warming kooks. As I sit here in my nice Southern

California abode, it is 43 degrees. That’s about 20 degrees below normal. I’m sitting here with the gas fireplace roaring just to stay warm. In a few minutes I’m going mountain biking. Of course, I’ve got on full sweats and

I’ve got a nice pair of warm gloves for the trip back down the mountain. Yes, folks, here in the land of surfing, palm trees, and bikinis, it feels more like, say, Pittsburgh.

Of course, the Global Warming kooks never mention it when the weather is below normal. They only focus on places where the temps are above normal. How convenient, you know. Also, just got off the phone with my folks. They’re in Florida, right on the water. If sea levels are rising, it’s not enough to where you can actually notice it. And when you’re right on the beach, it’s pretty hard not to notice.

Global Warming is so 90’s. It’s the latest Fashionable Worry. In the 70’s, they tried to scare us with overpopulation. They said if we didn’t take drastic measures soon, we were all gonna die. In the 80’s, they tried to scare us with the Great Heterosexual AIDS epidemic. If we didn’t take drastic action, we were all gonna die. Well, those hoaxes never did pan out. So why should we believe this latest hoax?

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