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A couple of related stories. First, Donald Douglas noted what has happened to the economy in the Republic of Ireland due to idiotic green legislation:

In Ireland, Carbon Taxes Demonstrate Global Left’s Radical Environmentalism in Action

This is a mind-boggling story, particularly since it’s like a Twilight Zone preview of our Dystopian future, at the New York Times, “Carbon Taxes Make Ireland Even Greener“:

DUBLIN — Over the last three years, with its economy in tatters, Ireland embraced a novel strategy to help reduce its staggering deficit: charging households and businesses for the environmental damage they cause.

The government imposed taxes on most of the fossil fuels used by homes, offices, vehicles and farms, based on each fuel’s carbon dioxide emissions, a move that immediately drove up prices for oil, natural gas and kerosene. Household trash is weighed at the curb, and residents are billed for anything that is not being recycled.

The Irish now pay purchase taxes on new cars and yearly registration fees that rise steeply in proportion to the vehicle’s emissions.

Much more at the link.

The Times original tells us that the Irish have reduced their greenhouse gas emissions, but noted:

Not everyone is happy. The prices of basic commodities like gasoline and heating oil have risen 5 to 10 percent. This is particularly hard on the poor, although the government has provided subsidies for low-income families to better insulate homes, for example. And industries complain that the higher prices have made it harder for them to compete outside Ireland.

“Prices just keep going up, and a lot of people think it’s a scam,” said Imelda Lyons, 45, as she filled her car at a gas station here. “You call it a carbon tax, but what good is being done with it to help the environment?”

The coalition government that enacted the taxes was voted out of office last year. “Just imagine President Obama saying in the debate, ‘I’ve got this great idea, but it’s going to increase your gasoline price,’ ” said Mr. Ryan, who lost his seat in the last election and now leads the Green Party. “People didn’t exactly cheer us on.”

And the increased taxes have raised nearly €1 billion, reducing the budget deficit, but, of course, that was mostly on the backs of the poor.

Meanwhile, across the Irish Sea:

Surprise! 70K British Jobs Could Disappear Due To Hotcoldwetdry Legislation

By William Teach December 28, 2012 – 2:34 pm

But, you know,we’re saving Gaia from getting a fever

(Daily Mail) Up to 70,000 British jobs are at risk as a direct result of European carbon reduction targets, according to a report.

The policies have pushed up the cost of energy, threatening the vital mineral industries which deal in materials such as cement, chemicals, glass, ceramics and steel, the study claims.

It says the aluminium industry has been ‘virtually eradicated’ after closures in Anglesey and Northumberland, and blames policies which penalise ‘energy-intensive’ industries for emitting too much carbon dioxide.

A bit more at the link.

And from Karen:

Obama’s Green Wind Boondoggle Costing Taxpayers Billions While Killing Off Bald Eagles

December 28, 2012

President Obama loves railing against “subsidies for oil companies” which are nothing more than write-offs all American businesses enjoy. Yet under his watch tax subsidies and credits for “green energy” have increased exponentially. In the case of wind energy, it’s at the expense not only of the taxpayer but also of our national bird – the bald eagle. Well, he said he wanted to fundamentally transform this nation. Maybe our new national bird will be a dove.

More at the link. I’d suggest, however, that under President Obama, our new national bird would be either what Benjamin Franklin suggested, the turkey, or what a majority of the voters were last month, pigeons. Barack Hussein Obama said that he wanted to fundamentally transform America, and he has: he has transformed us from a nation of independent and self-reliant people into governmentally-dependent sheep. American exceptionalism may finally be dead, voted into the grave by people who’d rather be European socialist serfs.

Penny Starr has a long article about suicide on Victory Girls.

L D Jackson has the story about Hobby Lobby’s attempt to avoid having to provide abortifacients as part of the ObumbleCare law.

William Jacobson noted that the Journal News, which raised a controversy by publishing the names and addresses of pistol permit holders in two counties, plans to publish the names of permit holders in more areas.

Sister Toldjah noted that a French court has invalidated the Socialist government’s new 75% tax on millionaires, though only for a technical reason, and the government could reimpose it with some changes.

Finally, Phineas noted how the religion of peace is threatening Egyptian Coptic Christians with genocide. We are not surprised. Hosni Mubarak was a dictator and a not-very-good-guy, but the Islamist government is proving to be no better, and possibly worse.

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