Dwight Worley’s house

Karen has the story about The Journal News in Westchester, New York, deciding to publish, with an interactive map, all of the residences in Westchester and Rockland Counties where someone in the home has a pistol permit holders. Karen wrote:

NewsBusters noted:

Instapundit’s question in response to what the Journal News has done is more than appropriate: “I guess nobody could object to people putting the newspaper staff’s addresses on the Web now, right?”

I’m sure there are a few enterprising bloggers out there who would be happy to oblige.

More at the link.

I don’t know if any bloggers were happy to oblige, but I found this on Facebook (click to enlarge):

The people who apply for a license to carry a handgun — and your Editor does not believe that it should be necessary to have a license to own or carry a firearm at all; the requirement for a license is an infringement upon the right of the people to keep and bear arms — are willingly putting their names and addresses down into the public record. It just so happens that a left-wing whacko decided to try to make things uncomfortable for the permit holders.

However, I’d suggest that the people who don’t have permits should be the ones more uncomfortable; The Journal News just published a list of homes that a half-way intelligent criminal will leave alone; the odds of encountering an armed homeowner are very much higher in those houses. But, if your name is not on the list, The News Journal has just told the crooks, hey, the guys not listed are far less likely to be armed; go for it!

As for Mr Worley, well, he, too, willingly placed his name into the public record. If he owns that house, it is listed in the county records for property taxes and other things.

Ain’t karma a bitch? :)

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