John François Kerry for Secretary of State?

I wrote, on November 13th, that for President Obama to nominate Senator John François Kerry (D-MA) to replace outgoing Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta “would show tremendous disrespect for the men and women in our armed services.” I also stated:

If President Obama wants to appoint him to be Secretary of State, fine, let him; the President is going to appoint a liberal Democrat regardless, and there’s no particular reason to think that Mr Kerry would somehow be worse than any other appointment Mr Obama would ever make.

It really doesn’t matter who has the job, because the Secretary is not going to be able to replace the President’s rotten foreign policy.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gives a press conference during the second day of NATO Foreign Affairs ministers meeting at the NATO Headquarters in Brussels, on December 5, 2012. Clinton said it was crucial that NATO allies stick to their commitments to fund Afghanistan’s security forces after Western forces end their combat. (Photo credit: John Thys/AFP/Getty Images)

After all, Hillary Clinton had exactly zero qualifications to be Secretary of State, other than having slept with Bill Clinton, and apparently a lot of women meet that standard. (I hear Monica Lewinsky needs a job, and she does have experience in bowing down before heads of state.) John Kerry won’t be notably better than Mrs Clinton, nor notably worse.

And, who knows? Perhaps as Secretary of State, Mr Kerry would manage to avoid stomach viruses and dehydration and falling over his own two feet — though there’s a reason Eric refers to him as Lurch — and hitting his head, and getting a concussion, all to avoid causing the Secretary to miss testifying about the Benghazi incident.

The sad part is that President Obama and his political team destroyed their best candidate, Ambassador Susan Rice. She’d be just as bad on foreign policy, because she wouldn’t be setting foreign policy; that’s President Obama’s job. But she actually is a diplomat, has actual diplomatic experience, and would (probably) have been as good as anyone could be in pushing the President’s rotten policies. Unfortunately, she fouled up and actually trusted President Obama and his minions, and wound up telling lies for the Obama Administration. She had to withdraw, and so we are stuck with Senator Kerry.

But that’s a good thing: it gets Lurch out of the Senate . . . and gives Scott Brown a chance to run for the vacant Senate seat. :)

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