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From Cassy Fiano Chesser of Victory Girls:

Feminists Throw Hissy Fit Over Victoria’s Secret Rape Panties

by CASSY on DECEMBER 14, 2012

Feminists love to describe our culture in completely random, nonsensical ways. From a culture of “oppression” to an imaginary war on women, they keep finding all kinds of ways to make sure that women know how gosh darn bad they’ve got it. Are you a woman who likes your life, is happy, and thinks men respect women? Well, too bad. You clearly are wrong!

The newest description is “rape culture”. Because, you know, in the United States there’s an overwhelming rape culture, or something. And this explains why I constantly have to hear rape jokes and about how it’s totally cool if men rape me, and how if they do, I’ll be the one punished. Oh, wait… that’s not the United States. That’s Saudi Arabia! My bad.

Anyway, a prime example of “rape culture” is Victoria’s Secret, whose panties apparently = rape. Or that rape is ok, anyway. They print slogans like “sure thing” and “unwrap me” on their thongs that women willingly buy! They’re feeding into the rape culture! Clearly, this calls for feminist intervention!

Enter FORCE, who decided to play a little prank. They snuck into Victoria’s Secret stores and planted anti-rape panties next to the oh-so-offensive pro-rape panties.

More at the link. An old friend from Mt Sterling, whom I haven’t seen in nearly forty years, and one of the bravest women I have ever known, posted a simple blurb on Facebook about a month ago:

feminism = the belief that females and males are equal human beings.
feminist = a person who believes that.

Now, she happens to be very liberal, and describes her political views as “Left of left.” I have absolutely no problem with the blurb, as she expressed it, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Mrs Chesser agreed. The problem is that some of the feminists on the left have laden down the concept of feminism with things which go far, far beyond the belief that men and women are equal human beings. To the feminist left, one cannot be a feminist unless he believes that abortion should be an unchallenged right — at the very least — and unless he is a loyal Democratic voter. And, to judge from the recent election, one has to also support the idea that the government will require insurance companies to pay for contraception as well.

What Mrs Chesser points out is that the “feminazis” are actually trivializing rape, trivializing a very serious problem. The woman who buys a Vicky’s Secret thong that says, “Unwrap me” is buying it to be seen by someone she wants to “unwrap” her. This is just one of the ways that some women choose to entice or please or seduce or whatever word you wish to use the men in whom they are sexually interested. FORCE’s “panty drop” won’t change that idea among women, but it will have the effect of pushing some further away from feminism.

Sister Toldjah wrote about the attempts by the gun-grabbers to politicize the Newtown, Connecticut massacre:

#CTshooting: MSM, Dems use tragedy to call for assault weapons ban tho handguns were used

December 15, 2012 at 12:03 pm

It never fails – the mainstream media and Democrats alike don’t let crises like yesterday’s horrific events in CT to call for more gun control:

Washington (CNN) — The White House said President Barack Obama supports reinstatement of a federal ban on assault weapons — a position he took in the 2008 campaign but failed to press during his first term.

“It does remain a commitment of his,” presidential spokesman Jay Carney told reporters as the nation reeled from a mass shooting in Connecticut that mainly killed school children.

An emotional Obama did not address that issue directly in a televised statement from the White House on the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown that killed 26 people but said something had to be done.

“We’re going to have to come together and take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this, regardless of the politics,” said Obama, the father of two girls.

He wiped away tears when he spoke of the “beautiful little kids” killed in the massacre.

Police recovered three weapons from the scene: a semi-automatic .223 Bushmaster rifle, a Glock and a Sig Sauer, both handguns, according to a source with knowledge of the investigation.

What has been confirmed: The weapons used yesterday to murder 26 innocents, including 20 children, were handguns. Not assault rifles. The handguns were legally registered to the murderers mother, who was also killed. The murderer also recently attempted to buy a rifle but was stopped due to, wait for it, the waiting period in CT – a state that is in the top 10 for strictest gun control laws in the country.

So tell me again why the demands again for a renewal of the assault weapons ban, and for “more gun control” – when an assault weapon wasn’t used yesterday and the guns that WERE used were legally registered but didn’t belong to the killer? How would a renewal of the assault weapons ban stopped yesterday’s massacre?? I mean, just hours into learning of what happened, I was hearing questions about renewing the assault weapons ban from CBS’ Norah O’Donnell and others, before we even knew what weapons were used.

More at the link.

There will be more stories coming out about the murderer, but at least from the initial information, the weapons were legally owned not by him, but by his mother, who was one of the people he killed. The murderer was 20 years old, legally an adult. His mother, the owner of the weapons used, lived in “a hilly, affluent neighborhood in the east end of town,” and ” a children- and family-friendly place.” Under any gun-control regime imaginable, other than one which simply banned private ownership of weapons, the murder’s mother would have been one of the people who would have been allowed to own firearms. Pandora of the Delaware Liberal made a brief post on the subject, and the commenters are blaming the National Rifle Association.

On a similar subject, William Teach noted that a Gallup Poll taken in 2011 found that 40% of Democrats owned firearms, and that 47% of all Americans have a firearm either in the home or elsewhere on the property. Another Gallup poll found that banning private ownership of handguns was opposed by a 73% to 26% margin.

Mr Teach concluded:

So, I reiterate: if Democrats want gun control, they need to give up their own guns. They need to disarm themselves….what’s that? You Dems say you often have guns for home protection, particularly in cities in which your own policies have made you less safe? And you’re a law abiding citizen? Not a threat to go batshit insane? Nope, sorry, doesn’t matter. Give them up.

Kind of like owning a Chevy Volt, gun control is really meant for other people, not for themselves.

William Jacobson of Le*gal In*sur*rec*tion noted that, despite what the media might have you believe, mass shootings are not on the increase.

Robert Stacey Stacy1 McCain has more on Adam Lanza, the murderer, as does Karen, the Lonely Conservative.

On a different topic, but also from Professor Jacobson, comes this photo, of a commercial van in the parking lot of a Goshen, Ohio, polling place on election day:

But, but, but June of 2009 was still the evil Booosh economy, while by November of 2012, President Obama was taking credit for how great things were.

Also on the economy, Donald Douglas noted an Investor’s Business Daily story, “Obama’s Attacks On GOP Tax Policy Blunted By Own Data.”  Dr Douglas concluded:

They all knew this. Obama, David Axelrod, Stepanie Cutter — they all knew all of this.

Which is why they lied 24/7 about the problems facing the country and launched the most unprincipled demagogic smears against private property and wealth accumulation in modern history. And it worked! I doubt four more years of economic stagnation will help the party maintain its general election majority, but then again, I was wrong about 2012, so who knows? Maybe another paradigm of lies will lift these criminal authoritarians to yet another presidential win in 2016. Democracy doesn’t just collapse in one big instant, it withers away in the slow death of a thousand cuts. It’s withering now under the Democrats, but all is not lost. The republic will survive when enough people who’ve been butt-reamed and had the wool pulled over their eyes wake up and scream, “I’m not going to take it anymore!”

Well, who knows? By 2016, maybe 7+% unemployment will be the new normal, and, once again, the Democrats can bamboozle 51% of the electorate with screams about birth control and pushing Grandma off the cliff. But, eventually, Republican proposals for serious spending cuts will be put into place. It may be due to conservative electoral victories, or it might happen due to the country just going flat broke, but eventually, they’ll have to happen.

From Jazz Shaw at Hot Air:

Helpful union surrogate vows to chase Gov. Rick Snyder’s daughter to soccer game


The great thing about Democracy – as I’m sure you’ll all agree – is that once the campaigns, debates and battles are over and the people have spoken, everyone can pick up the pieces and get on with productive work to advance the principles each side believes in. Clearly, such is the case in Michigan, where defeated but undaunted union advocates have already begun dusting themselves off and …


LANSING — A speaker at a union protest against right-to-work legislation said if Gov. Rick Snyder signed the bill he would get “no rest” and that protesters would be at his “daughter’s soccer game.” …

The Rev. Charles Williams II made the comments Tuesday to loud cheers before a group of thousands of union workers. After his promises to harass Gov. Snyder, he introduced Rep. Richard Hammel, D-Mt. Morris Township, and House Minority Leader Tim Greimel, D-Auburn Hills. Williams is a Detroit-area pastor and left-wing activist.

Gov. Snyder later that day signed a bill into law making Michigan a right-to-work state. One of his daughters is a 16-year-old high school student.

Well, that’s just lovely. The truly ironic part of all of this is that Governor Snyder wasn’t even working on the whole Right to Work thing as the initial part of his term. He was pushing for some fiscal sanity and spurring job creation. It was the people of the state who elected representatives in the legislative branch who brought the issue forward. At that point the governor had to weigh the merits of the legislation and act upon it. And yet those who came out on the short end of the stick feel that democracy is best served by chasing his 16 year old daughter around to school events.

Should the governor be worried? Well, given the calm, reasoned welcome that Steven Crowder received from these guys, it should certainly give him pause. The governor, of course, should have access to some form of personal security which will hopefully keep him and his family safe from violence, but the same can not be said for everyone else in the state who may be hoping to find a job. But in the meantime, Reverend Williams and his flock will be hanging around the soccer field.

More at the link. Union thugs are union thugs. Most union members aren’t thugs, but there are enough of them who are to get reactions like this.

Our too-infrequent visitor L D Jackson has a post concerning Senator Tom Coburn’s (R-OK) statements that the Republicans will have to accept higher taxes, but that the GOP needs to “extract spending cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security” in return.

Bridging the Gap has now exceeded four months without an original post.

Finally, my older daughter bought her first car today, and I am proud to say that she bought an American car, a Mercury Milan, which is a Ford Motor Company product! All of our vehicles are Fords.

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