Open thread: the Fiscal Cliff

Patterico told his readers that he was pretty much bored with the fiscal cliff arguments, saying that, ” in the end, we will arrive at a Solemn Agreement to Tackle This Problem Head-On . . . next year.” He continued:

Meanwhile, our massive government debt bubble will continue to grow, and nobody will show the slightest bit of interest in letting the air out.

At this point, since the popping of that bubble is inevitable, I just want it to hurry up and happen. The problem isn’t going to get fixed. We’re not paying off the debt. So let’s get the catastrophe over with now instead of later, and give my children some chance at a few decent years.

I have said before that while I would like to see the deficit addressed entirely through spending cuts, and I meant massive spending cuts, if taxes have to be increased, I want to see them increased on everybody. We are supposed to all be in this together.

I’m kind of writer’s blocked this evening, so I’m setting this up as an open thread on the subject; have at it!
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