Rachel Maddow, Donald Douglas, and the questioning of our friends on the left of Israel’s right to exist, free and in peace.

From Donald Douglas, reproduced in whole:1

Rachel Maddow’s Morally Bankrupt Campaign Against Israel’s Right to Exist

I don’t know. I guess I endure MSNBC’s vile global solidarity programming so you don’t have to.

I watched Rachel Maddow last night, and I’ll tell you, it’s not easy. She’s not only unintelligent but also unbelievably dishonest (as readers recall, I’ve chronicled her mendacity many times at this blog). But last night’s program reached new levels of depravity with its truly evil propaganda dump against Israel. Watch especially the introduction until about 6:20 minutes into the clip (or more briefly, after about 4:00 minutes for the key smear regarding the so-called global consensus on “deescalation” in Gaza):

After the first six minutes Maddow goes off on a truly bizarre attack on the GOP’s foreign policy, using a long history of John McCain outtakes as some kind of evidence that Republicans haven’t a clue on foreign affairs. I’m not commenting on that except to say that if Rachel Maddow had a single shred of the moral fiber that Senator McCain possesses she would not be hosting hate-Israel fests on cable’s most anti-American network. But I’m not breaking new ground here with that.

No, the key is her roundup on the alleged world agreement on a deescalation in Gaza. Maddow cites President Obama’s comments yesterday on Israel’s right to self-defense, although the president’s position is particularly nefarious. As noted here previously, Obama is pressing Netanyahu against a ground incursion, while simultaneously muttering about Israel’s right to self-defense. The stupid actually burns on this, because if one says that self-defense is justified by definition that means the potential resort to force by all means, not just by use of targeted air power. Boots on the ground are going to be required to root out the key Hamas strongholds and rocket positions, a campaign that would in fact preserve civilian lives, since ground troops would be more discriminating than air power and rocket strikes.

But notice, even more importantly, that for Obama and Maddow — and also all the global sources she cites — the burden of deescalation is on Israel and Israel alone. There is no condemnation of Hamas’ reign of terror against Israel civilians. This is nothing less than blood libel against the Jewish people, for failing to correctly identifying the nature of the military escalation in the first place serves only the needs of global solidarity’s program of delegitimation. It’s sickening. Look whom Maddow cites. The United Nations. Egypt. The EU. Hello? And she throws in the British foreign minister as well, although the idiot makes the same attack on Israel as everyone else. (And don’t forget that virtually the entire British establishment has repudiated Israel’s legitimate right to self-preservation in the face of this barbaric onslaught from Islamic terrorists.)

The left is implicated across the board in what is nothing less that a worldwide resurrection of the Nazi regime’s program of Jewish annihilation. Israel is not the aggressor. Israel is the subject of a international campaign of repudiation and terror. It’s actually shocking to watch. Today’s Democrat Party rejects Israel’s right to self-defense as measured in that CNN poll out yesterday. And here’s Obama mouthpiece Maddow spouting these exterminationist talking points on MSNBC and she’s citing the United freakin’ Nations as a source of authority? I think people have lost their minds. This is the world turned upside down. Israel is the beacon, as I’ve been saying. If Israel’s democracy can be destroyed by the world’s progressives and communists then God help those who come after that. There is no hope that the current administration in Washington will stand up for liberty against global Islamic hegemony. Americans are already dying in diplomatic outposts and the Democrats threw their bodies under the bus to win reelection. It’s perverted, truly. All people can do is hold up the light of truth against these people, because their lies are relentless. It’s not just media bias anymore. People like Maddow are state propagandists. Only on MSNBC could their top-ranked anchor devote almost a complete opening segment to the character assassination of an American who spent 5½ years in a communist prison camp in North Vietnam. But we’re in a new era. People have to resist the natural inclination to futility and surrender. At times it seems like the messages of decency and right can’t gain traction anywhere. But I’m a dissident now and recent history shows that dissidents have toppled tyrants and that’s what I intend to do with these progressive freaks like Maddow and her lying scumbag of a Democrat mountebank president.

I’ll have more later…

Dr Douglas did have more:

Gaza’s Motorcycle Lynch Mob

Well, no doubt international human rights groups will be all over this.

At London’s Daily Mail, “Six Israeli ‘spies’ executed before baying mob in Gaza City, before motorbike gang drags one bloodied victim through the streets.”

And see this amazing post at Twitchy, “Horrible (Graphic pic): Anderson Cooper tweets pic of Hamas dragging a man behind motorcycle in Gaza; Update: Sick defense of Hamas; Update: 6 men viciously brutalized, killed by Hamas.”

And here’s this clip from Ofir Gendelman, Israeli Prime Minister’s spokesperson to the Arab media,  on Twitter, “Video: Hamas’ ruthlessness and brutality: execution of 6 Palestinians in Gaza by Hamas’ terrorists”:

Added: From Israel Matzav, “How Hamas treats collaborators and how Israel treats collaborators.”

This is hardly a surprise, nor does it seem to be restricted to the Hamas thugs; their actions are not qualitatively different from what the Islamist thugs did to Ambassador Christopher Smith, who, along with former Navy SEALs Tyrone S. Woods and Glen A. Doherty, and Foreign Service Officer Sean Smith, was killed in Benghazi.

One would have hoped for more discernment from civilized Westerners, but it seems that we Westerners hold Israel and the Palestinians to wholly different standards. If the Palestinians shoot rockets into Israel, trying to create indiscriminate death and destruction, why it really isn’t a serious problem, more of an annoyance; if the Israelis retaliate, and an innocent child is killed, the liberal West is shocked and appalled. Marc Ash, founder and Editor of Reader Supported News,2 wrote:

The rockets fired by Hamas have no military significance. Their sole aim is to focus world attention on the situation. It is a classic Gandhian strategy, not — as you well know — a realistic threat to the safety of Israeli citizens.

It takes a liberal to somehow think that shooting deadly weapons at other people is somehow “not a realistic threat to the safety of Israeli citizens.” Around here, and I would guess around Mr Ash’s house as well, if someone is shooting up the neighborhood, the cops try to arrest him and haul him off to jail, and are perfectly justified in using deadly force to apprehend him if he will not surrender.

The truly ridiculous part is that our friends on the left, the ones who claim to abhor war just so very much, cannot understand that the Palestinians are in the amazing position of being able to win their war if they’ll just stop fighting. Both external and internal, domestic pressure on the Israeli government would be enormous, to end the decades of tension and give the Palestinians an independent state in Gaza and the West Bank, if only the Palestinians would stop shooting.

That’s really all that they have to do, and anyone who actually takes the time to think about it knows it. Unfortunately, the liberals cannot look at it that way, because, if they did, they would have to conclude that it is the Palestinians themselves who are prolonging the war, the Palestinians who are in the wrong, and that is something that they simply cannot accept.

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