The New Normal?

I must ask – have trillion dollar deficits, 8% unemployment, and four dollar a gallon gas become the new normal? Is economic malaise our new way of life? This is what the

voters seem to have said last week. The economy doesn’t matter, and the president’s inability to fix it, or even come up with a credible plan to fix it, doesn’t matter, either.

This election makes no sense. It was supposed to be on the economy, and

Mitt Romney was the Zen Master of the economy. For him, it wasn’t just theory, but something he’d lived and breathed for much of his adult life. He knew business, how to rescue them and make them succeed, how to create tens of thousands of jobs, how to use market forces to grow the economy. And what did Obama know about the economy? At most, for him, it was something he’d read in a book in college. It was all theory, and muddleheaded theory at that. He had never created a job, never worked in the private sector, never even run so much as a hot dog stand. And his whole ideology is anti-business and anti-growth. His ‘You didn’t build that” comment was telling. The message was not only that you didn’t build that, but by implication you don’t legitimately own it nor are you entitled to your profits. It really belongs to us, the collective, not you. Similarly his comments to Joe the Plumber, indicating that economic success is something to be punished through high taxes.

The bottom line, with attitudes like that in the White House, how do we expect businesses to thrive? Obama, like all left wingers, thinks it is the government that makes the economy run. Romney had a great line about “Trickle down government”, he just should have used it more. So now we are stuck with this buffoon for four more years. He has no plans to balance the budget or create jobs, nor did he present any during the campaign. It was all flim-flam; he offered us a bunch of buncombe, and half the country bought it.