A new washing machine

At 4:00 PM, my darling bride (of 33 years, 5 months and 26 days) called me to tell me that the washing machine had died. It’s not too much of a surprise: it came with the house when we bought it, and we’ve had the house for 10½ years now. She was asking me if she should buy a new one; she was already at Lowe’s, having dropped the spare daughter off at work.

I told her to pick one out, that she didn’t need me to help select it, and that I’d meet her there with the truck after I got off of work. When I got there, she had picked out a Maytag low-water top loader, which just happened to be part of the set that matched our dryer, which we had bought a couple of years ago. It was marked $649.00, but Lowe’s had a $250.00 discount, which brought it down to $399.00. Since the water supply hoses were also more than ten years old, I decided to replace those with metal-braided floodsafe hoses, hoses which will automatically cut off if they sense a break. For $28.82, they are cheap insurance.

Of course, this meant that I had to work when I got home, removing the other washing machine and installing this one. As it happens, Thursday is garbage day in Jim Thorpe, and the garbage men are going to hate me, since I just put the old one out on the curb.

Of course, I’ll mess it up. With the low-water models, you have to add the detergent first, before you put in the dirty clothes; I will foul that one up. And with my dirty work clothes, if I don’t do them, they won’t get done.