How Did The Weimar Republic Collapse?

Weimar Germany had an economic crisis.

The Germans elected a bunch of politicians who scapegoated large groups of Germans, pitting Germans against each other.

German political leaders turned their backs on their Constitution, and the German people followed along, like sheep, out of a sense of expediency and crisis. Free Germany then collapsed into a totalitarian state, which soon crumbled into total devastation, but only after tens of millions of lives were lost.

We are repeating history. But this time, there’s no gleaming beacon on the hill to come to the rescue. We are the last bastion of Freedom left in the world. And We The People are willfully letting that freedom vanish.


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  1. It should be noted that free German citizens voted in Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, knowing full well what the Nazis said they were going to do.

    Of course, Chancellor Hitler did rather well in resurrecting the German economy, with what our friends on the left would call a massive stimulus program and huge public works projects. He even created a system of what we might call public parks for certain people, parks so nice that once people visited, they apparently never wanted to leave, though there might have been some complaints about the food service.

    And, just like President Obama, Der Führer decided to go after some members of the financial class, making sure that they didn’t earn more than ordinary working Germans. He was rather successful in bringing down their overly profitable lifestyles and closing the gap, as it were, between the financial and working classes.

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  3. We did the right thing in electing George Washington, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson; we did the wrong thing in electing Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama.

    2008, I can understand: we suffered a significant economic downturn, which was being blamed on President Bush, and Senator Obama had no record. Now he does have a record, but those charts are pure bovine feces. The real numbers that count are the huge increase in the national debt, the chronic unemployment, and the anemic GDP growth, positive, but steadily insufficient to reduce unemployment significantly.

    That is the reality with which I deal. Job growth is pitiful, and the official unemployment number only looks better because so many people have dropped out of the workforce. Since January of 2009, our workforce-eligible population has increased from 234,739,000 to 243,983,000, an increase of 9,244,000 but our workforce increased from 154,236,000 to 155,641,000, just 1,405,000. That’s an indication of how discouraged people have been over the Obama economy.

    If we had the same participation rate in the workforce (the percentage of people in the workforce eligible population actually in the workforce) today as we had when President Obama took office, the workforce should be 160,297,000; we are missing 4,656,000 people from the workforce who should be there. Were they there, the official unemployment rate would be 10.6%, while the U-6 unemployment rate is a whopping 14.6%. Most sensible people would call that unacceptable, but we know that liberals and Democrats do not count as sensible people.

  4. The rules for my articles include the New Zealand Socialist not being permitted to comment on my articles. All with administrative ability are hereby requested to delete on site any further comments of his.

  5. Hell, but that’s an off-putting reading of a damn fine poem. I don’t know why Brit writers have to be so ostentatiously pretentious in their public recitations.

    Try, just try, to listen to Eliot read Prufrock. Even as an unsteady undergrad in the late ’60s I could do both poems better, even under the influence of a few too many McEwan’s Ales.

    Recite a few classics, go silent and have another drink, sit back and wait, let their imaginations do the rest. It’s still the best way I know to score chicks in the English Department, works like magic on HS English teachers too.

    Here’s one for the ages:

    Had we but world enough, and time
    This coyness, Lady, [would be} no crime

  6. Going gentle into the obscurity of that good night, or evading responsibility and ducking tough questions?

    CIA Director David Petraeus resigned only a week before he was to testify to Congress about his role in Benghazigate. Petraeus claimed he showed extremely poor judgment for having engaged in an “affair.”

    We shall see if his convenient resignation allows him to escape Congressional inquiry under oath.

  7. Now it’s been announced that Petraeus won’t testify. Obama can run but he can’t hide. The full truth of Benghazigate must come out and until it does Barack Obama should be denied inaguration.

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