America was put to the test, and failed

Remember this clip from Senator Barack Hussein Obama (D-IL), from during the 2008 campaign? In it, the junior senator from Illinois said that it was “irresponsible” and “unpatriotic” of President Bush to have added $4 trillion to the national debt in eight years.1 How, then, how is adding $5.587 trillion to the national debt in 3¾ years either responsible or patriotic? Apparently a majority of the voters thought that it was!

The final deficit for which President Bush and the Democrat-led Congress were wholly responsible, FY2008, had a deficit of $458.8 billion. The FY 2009 total deficit, which the Democrats tried to assign entirely to President Bush but which included the $831 billion stimulus plan plus a bloated ordinary appropriation signed and passed after President Obama took office, was a whopping $1.413 trillion. President Obama — and the clip to the right was made after he was inaugurated — promised to halve the deficit by the end of his first term. Instead, the total deficit for FY 2012 was $1.090 trillion,2, more that twice President Bush’s last deficit, and even if you accept the cockamamie notion that the FY 2009 deficit was the baseline from which the deficit would be halved, the President’s promise was still not kept, by half. That should be completely unacceptable, but a majority of the voters accepted it anyway.

The unemployment rate when Barack Hussein Obama took office was a far-too-high 7.8%. It skyrocketed under his policies — and a stimulus plan, passed during his first month in office, which was supposed to hold it to a maximum of 8% — to 10%, and was still higher, at 7.9%, on election day than it was when he was inaugurated. That should have been a presidency-killer; instead, Mr Obama was re-elected.

A record of “achievement” like President Obama’s would have drawn howls from the left had it been racked up by a Republican. They would have been out there, screaming at the top of their lungs what an utter failure he was, and how he had to go, go, go! for the good of the country. Instead, because he is a Democrat — and probably even more because he is a black Democrat, and any opposition to him would be raaaaacist — why everything’s just fine, everything is good and getting better. How working people could have been so fornicating stupid as to vote for that failure is both baffling and depressing.

We will, of course, have another four years to say, “We told you so,” but it’s cold comfort to know that we were right about the causes of America going down the toilet when America is going down the toilet.


  1. $4.899 trillion, to be more precise, the increase in the national debt during President Bush’s two terms.
  2. CBO preliminary estimate, October 2012.

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