A Voice from Superstorm Sandy-Struck New Jersey

The paragraphs below were written by a New Jersey resident,  @mblakeperdue, who expresses without rancor his frustration with not only the slow response to the storm’s aftermath, but also his disappointment and dismay by the dearth of proactive measures taken by all levels of government as the long-predicted storm approached the East Coast. Clearly, lessons can be learned by cities, counties, states and the federal government for future planning — lessons one would have thought had been learned during the Katrina mess.

When heading to the polls tomorrow, please keep in mind that speeches and handshakes made by politicians have not aided in the response or recovery of the Sandy disaster. We need executives who are serious about leading efficiently and with new ideas.We need legislators who are serious about directing and allocating our tax money to useful and needed projects.

This disaster could have easily been mitigated had the funds we pay for been properly used. The storm was not a surprise. There was sufficient notice. Something as simple as pre-positioning assets like gas and drinking water to the west of NJ could have saved many headaches. Only yesterday did the national guard start using their trucks to deliver gas. Why? Were they doing something else with these trucks last Sunday?

I believe the chief executive’s (federal, state, or local) main job is be an actual executive, and here executives have failed at every level. Innovation and efficiency is needed to prevent this again, and handshakes and speeches are neither innovative nor efficient.

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