I can’t believe that Obama had the balls to say this!

From William Teach:

Obama To Sandy Victims: “We Leave Nobody Behind”

October 31, 2012 – 8:44 am

Obama was out trying to “look” presidential yesterday in the wake of Sandy, and I caught this


Obama to Sandy victims “America is with you”. Yeah, we were with Benghazi victims, too. But, you weren’t, champ!

30 Oct 12

The whole “hey, look, I’m acting presidential” speech was even worse, and he said:

(BreitbartThis is a tough time for a lot of people; millions of folks all across the Eastern Seaboard, but America’s tougher. And we’re tougher because we pull together, we leave nobody behind, we make sure we respond as a nation and remind ourselves that whenever an American is in need, all of us stand together to make sure we’re providing the help that’s necessary.

As John Nolte writes

That’s a beautiful sentiment, Mr. President, but where was it when the cameras weren’t rolling; when your government heard three plaintive pleas for assistance from Americans under attack and with help reportedly close enough to make a difference?

John points out that it is an interesting study in reactions, one where Obama is appearing as engaged and has suspended his campaign, the other where he tuned out and hit the campaign trail to head to Vegas. It begs the question “why did the Obama administration act in that fashion post-Benghazi?” Obama could have come out smelling like a rose had he sent in forces to rescue our people in Benghazi and come out strong against this terrorist attack. Instead, people are now wonder exactly what was going on that caused the administration to leave Americans to die.

The White House Flickr stream has a bunch of photos of Obama “looking concerned” over Sandy (such as this one), but nothing from September 11 when our people were under assault.

Nice Deb is not impressed by Obama’s words, nor is the PJ Tattler and The Gateway Pundit. I’m sure there will be plenty of photos of Obama “looking presidential” coming soon to be even more not impressed by.

Crossed at Right Wing News and Stop The ACLU.

“We leave nobody behind,” huh? Perhaps Ambassador Christopher Smith might see that differently, but he can’t say anything anymore, can he? Tyrone Woods? Nope, he’s pretty silent about the whole thing, too, although Mr Woods father has had plenty to say!

The fact is that we did leave somebody behind,didn’t we?

I guess that it was easier for President Obama when it came to Hurricane Sandy. We had plenty of warning, we wouldn’t step on any poor Muslim toes, and all that he had to do was authorize spending money. That isn’t so hard, is it?

But to have to take a decision as commander-in-chief? Hell, that’s a tough one, isn’t it? Hilary Clinton knew, four years ago, that Barack Hussein Obama wasn’t the one to be responsible for answering the fabled 3:00 AM phone call. Your Editor knew it, too, and that’s why he voted for John McCain. And on September 11, 2012, President Obama proved he wasn’t capable of answering the 3:00 AM phone call.

Of course, the call didn’t come at 3:00 AM; the call came in the middle of the day. The Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, was right there, as was General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. All of the advisors the President could have needed were available . . . and President Obama did nothing.

In 1983, there were 800 American students studying medicine at St George’s University on the island of Grenada. A bloody military coup d’etat ousted the government and murdered Prime Minister Maurice Bishop. Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger had increased American forces in the region, to be ready for action, but when it came to the rescue of the medical students, who were thought to be in some danger, Mr Weinberger said no. President Ronald Reagan said yes, we are going to do this, we are going to save our people. There was a President who was up to the job.

Barack Hussein Obama is not.

The invasion of Grenada was against international law; with our people threatened, President Reagan didn’t care about international law. The United Nations General Assembly condemned the action; President Reagan didn’t care what they said. As the Benghazi situation was developing, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton actually contacted the Libyan government to ask for permission for our forces to fly in Libyan airspace, in case we were to mount a rescue mission; President Reagan would have scoffed at such a ridiculous idea.

And now President Obama has the balls to say “We leave nobody behind.” He has lied through his scummy teeth!

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