I got a letter from Joe Biden!

This is dangerous:

From Joe Biden info@barackobama.com

Dana —

Look — Barack and I need you.

We recently found out that, as we head into the final push, Mitt Romney and the Republicans have $45 million more in the bank than we do.

That’s a problem, folks. In a race that’s as close as they come — and with Election Day almost here — we’re not willing to lose this in the end.

The good news is we’ve got you. And if you chip in today, we can close that gap more quickly than you think.

You’re someone who stepped up to support this campaign in 2008,1 and you better believe we’re counting on you this year, too. Time’s running out — please help us out with a donation of $75 or more today:

[Hyperlink to donate to Obama campaign deleted; I wish to do nothing to help the miserable failure who sat on his dead ass while our people were being murdered in Benghazi.]

When you do, you’ll be automatically entered to come out to Chicago for Election Night — you and a guest will meet Barack and watch his speech from right up front.

Don’t pass this one up, Dana.



While it would be somewhat amusing to be in Chicago to listen to President Obama’s concession speech, I think that I will pass on donating $75 — or even 75¢ — to the Obama campaign.

The Republicans have $45 million more in the bank than do the Democrats? Well, guess what: they now have $45,000,100 more in the bank than do the Democrats! Your Editor took this opportunity to make another campaign contribution to the Romney/Ryan campaign.2 And if you click on the campaign symbol to the left, you can also contribute to the Romney campaign.

I never thought that Barack Hussein Obama was a good President: his policies were misguided and harmful, and his social and legal views have led to permanent harm with his judicial appointments. His economic policies have doubled our deficit — which he had promised to halve — and burdened us with trillions more in debt.

But his recent performance in allowing brave Americans, including one he knew personally, to go to their deaths without lifting a finger, have me just boiling mad. Policy differences are one thing, but this isn’t about a policy difference; it is about a complete inability of this nation to trust Barack Hussein Obama to defend this country and defend its citizens. The man is a complete disaster, and a total incompetent. He has failed in his duty as Commander-in-Chief, and no duty he has is more important.

Not every reader of THE FIRST STREET JOURNAL can afford to donate $100 to Mitt Romney’s campaign; some can afford only $50, or $25, and some may not be able to afford even that. But if you can afford to give, even a little, now is the time: the race is in the home stretch, with just ten days to go, and every patriotic American citizen needs to do what is right, to do whatever he can to allow our Commander-in-Chief to get a four-year head start on his presidential memoirs, and turn that job over to a man who will actually care more about the safety of Americans than the sensibilities of the Muslims.

  1. I don’t know where the Obama campaign got that cockamamie idea; I did not donate to, or support in any way, the Obama campaign in 2008.
  2. The campaign button is a direct link to the donation page; the text link is to the campaign website in general.

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