Uh Oh! Obama Loses Twelve Points To Romney In Latest Polling

Pew has released its October poll and Obama received terrible news. He lost 12 points to Romney in a single month. Perhaps it’s time for Obama’s corrupt Department of Injustice to sue Pew. The Socialist Wagonwheel was crowing about the September Pew poll despite being shown very clearly that the poll was heavily skewed Democrat, far afield of the actual voting populace. So what will the Left (whom Perry parrots) say about the same polling firm now that the numbers show Obama losing by 4? Will they, and consequently the parrot, accept the numbers? I highly doubt it. They’re very inconsistent like that.

Pew’s September poll, and many other polling outfits’ September polls, were heavily skewed to the Democrat side of the RDI. Far afield of the actual voting makeup of the US population. And people went through the effort to unskew the polls. This effort showed Romney with a strong lead over Obama instead of the strong Obama lead that Pew and others were showing. Of course, the Left scoffed at the idea of unskewing their skewed polls. Well, Pew did just that. They unskewed their own September poll with their October poll, showing a far more realistic RDI sample. And the result is Romney leads Obama by 4 in October.

Now there’s a reason polling outfits would skew in September but not in October (or not so badly in October). It’s actually a very simple reason. While there are those who don’t see anything nefarious about the shenanigans, I do. And here’s why:

  • Polling outfits want Liberals to win, so they provide propaganda showing Democrats in unrealistic leads. It helps bring low-information voters into the fold and discourages Conservative voters. It pushes the actual polling numbers more to the polling firms’ liking, thus when it’s time to unskew the polls, the damage has been done.
  • Polling outfits like to tout their accuracy, pointing back to previous voting outcomes compared to their polls; thus, they have to have final unskewed polls to show to unsuspecting readers. Their earlier polls, since they are far enough away from the election, can be ignored. Or they can be said to show the gradual shift toward Conservatives as the cycle goes on (for other insidious anti-First Amendment activities by lawmakers and Leftist activists alike).

In order for the polling outfits to push their two-fold propaganda, they have to push a Left bias in their polls to start and then shift their polls to far more reasonable breakdowns as the election approaches. And this is what Pew has done. It is what other polling firms will be doing, as the election approaches. They have no choice if they want to be believed in later years.

In other bad news, that polling firm the corrupt Obama Department of Injustice sued is showing a 47/47 tie among registered voters, a 5-point Obama loss from its previous poll. What’s worse, this is a poll of registered voters, which consistantly swings two or three points further Left than the actual vote results will show. So, when adjusted for likely voters, Obama is trailing here, too.

In still other news, Obama went from +10 in Michigan in September to +3 now, with a margin of error of +/-4. That means it’s a statistical dead heat in Michigan. And in Pennsylvania, Obama only leads by 2 with a D+6 poll. That makes Pennsylvania a very clear toss-up, unlike what the loony Left were saying.

Mark Davis, who broadcasts on 660 am “The Answer”, declared there are only 4 possible outcomes to the Presidential election:

  • Obama wins by a landslide.
  • Obama wins a squeaker.
  • Romney wins a squeaker.
  • Romney wins by a landslide.

And he declared the first one, where Obama wins by a landslide, ain’t never gonna happen. I agree. The other three possibilities could happen, although he believes the middle two are the most likely. But as time goes on toward the election and the polls start unskewing, it’s looking more and more like the last two are the most likely with Obama’s squeaker least likely of the three and Obama’s landslide still ain’t never gonna happen.
Originally published on Truth Before Dishonor.


  1. The polls are encouraging, but there’s only one poll which actually counts, and it will be held four weeks from today.

    I don’t see this election as being a landslide for either candidate. In my old political science classes, a landslide was defined as a win by ten percentage points or more, which would be 55% to 45% or greater. Governor Romney backed away from his 47% comment, but in one way, he was absolutely right: President Obama is virtually guaranteed at least 47% of the vote.

    Supposedly, the undecideds in a race like this tend to break for the challenger very late, but that’s just the normal pattern; there are no guarantees that will hold in any individual race.

    What the debate did was to take Mitt Romney out of the caricature that the Obama campaign has tried to place in people’s minds, and turn him into a real person, a realistic one, and a man who seems presidential. That earned him another look by people who were previously going to vote for President Obama, albeit reluctantly. The Obama campaign will continue to try to caricaturize Governor Romney, but I don’t see that working now.

  2. Wondering why my trackback to even more bad polling news for Obama hasn’t hit (yet). DKos/PPP (I know, I know, biased, agenda-driven place) shows Obama down by 2 nationwide, Rasmussen’s poll of 11 swing states shows Obama down by 2, and an 8-point Obama loss in 5 days, ARG polling — with a heavy pro-Democrat, anti-Independent skew — shows Obama losing Ohio.

    The wheels on the Obama bus are falling off. Karmic justice since those wheels have crushed so many bodies over the past 4 years.

  3. There was an uncomfirmed rumor that had a third hand story that maybe Dems were jumping out of windows over these polls. Or they think they are BOGUS since it’s the opposite result they were expecting. I guess the polling companies can’t get away with way oversampling Dems to get favorable results for bimBO. I guess the debate showed the Emporer had no clothes and now they have to be legit.

  4. One thing I have noticed is that the Republicans are becoming more energized. After a couple of months of being told that President Obama’s re-election was virtually assured, Mitt Romney delivered a strong win in the debate, and things turned around rather quickly. It may or may not last, but it looks like Mr Romney has a real chance to win now, and that energizes the troops.

  5. Investors Business Daily has released a poll it did Oct 4-9… with a D+8 Leftist skew. The results? Obama trails by 5! With a D+8 Leftist skew!

    Obama trails among married women, people with high school diplomas, people with some college, people with college degrees. Obama also trails among independents by 20 points.

    The dominoes, they’re a fallin’.

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