And you thought that the Senate didn’t get anything done!

The story here.

Let’s see, the Senate hasn’t passed a budget in over three years, and hasn’t even attempted to pass a budget in over three years, but, not to worry, they still have time for this!


  1. York, when I lived in Lexington, the Bungles were the closest NFL team, so they were the ones we got on television every Sunday. Believe me, if Senator Kerry’s bill is designed to protect us from having to watch the Cincinnati Bengals, it will have my whole-hearted support.

  2. A man and his wife were getting divorced. The judge asked their 13 year old son if he wanted to live with his mother, to which the boy said “no, she beats me.” So the judge asked if the boy wanted to live with his dad. The boy said “no, he beats me, too.” So the judge asked “if you don’t want to live with your mother and you don’t want to live with your father, who do you want to live with?” The boy responded “I want to live with the Oakland Raiders. They don’t beat anybody!”

  3. Dana, I vote that Perry be banned, either for 15 days or for life, for once again threatening Koolo’s livelihood. He apparently hasn’t learned his lesson from the last time. We’re supposed to disagree here, but threatening another man’s job just because you don’t like his opinions is beyond the pale.

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