1. Grow a big stick??? He doesn’t need a stick, he needs solid guts. He has to rid his mind of the US is always wrong until proven innocent beyond a shadow of a doubt. He has made this country the laughing stock of the third world, which he is also hurdling us to that status at the speed of light. His actions is the Egypt/Libya fiasco are piss poor at best, a steaming pile of shit at worst.

  2. ” The Obama administration is absolutely an international disgrace to our nation. NBC is disgraceful. The mainstream media with its Left-Wing agenda — not bias but agenda — is a disgrace to our nation. MSNBC, with its anti-Constitutional, Socialist agenda, is an absolute disgrace to America, to journalism, to anything representing honorable values.”

    How about Ari Shapiro(NPR) and jan Crawford(CBS) colluding to play “gotchya” by repeating the very same question six times hoping to get the answer gaff they wanted?

    I’m sure they do that with Soetoro too! It would go like this: Ari: “I love you Barry”…Soetoro would then reply: “But I love you more”.

  3. Exactly which “failed ideology” of those immoral neocons caused the attack on our embassy and the murder of our ambassador? Especially since the noted neocon leftist Soetoro is at the helm. He gets more Carteresque every day.

  4. MSNBC talking head asks a question that goes more to prove that the MSNBC talking head is worthless and scum of the earth. The question:

    Who is a bigger threat to the world, the Iranian leader or Bibi Netanyahu?

    That should say enough about MSNBC to keep all conscious people away from that disease-infested place.

  5. They should have asked if the greater threat is the Iranian leader or Soetoro, as he plunges the U.S. into depression and the Middle East into war. But I’m sure it’s all the left over policies of Bush or some other evil Republican. Can’t be Soetoro, he’s perfect in every way!

    As they follow….and follow…and follow.

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