Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer!

I’m beating John Hitchcock to the punch on this one — he has it on TRUTH BEFORE DISHONOR — because I don’t want Wagonwheel excluded from commenting on this post. It seems that the Democrites have expressed their real feelings: we all belong to the government!

This is a short clip from a video played at the Democrite National Convention today, which includes the repugnant line, “The Government is the only thing we all belong to.” No, no, a thousand times, no! We do not belong to the government; the government belongs to us.

It is this attitude by the Democrites which has led to the huge expansion of the federal government, their attitude that they know what is best for us, that they can and should tell us how to live our lives, and that we will comply.

Well, fornicate them! If there was ever a reason to vote out Democrites, this is it.

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