Nawlins – If the All Things Obama All the Time Lame Stream Media Didn’t Have Their DOUBLE Stanards, They Wouldn’t Have Any At All

At least the next President went to Nawlins to see the Flood Damage. However, the currant Occupy White House resident seeing it is a RED STATE, he has basically said screw’m. Now harkin back seven years when we had a real President, he was lambasted for weeks for not showing up when the last rain drop fell. Of course he helped fix the problem and who can forget Gen Honere when he told the Press they were stuck on STUPID. But the Double Standard Lame Stream Media has ceeded Louisiana to Romney in the Election and there is no use wasting time there if it doesn’t help the leader of Occupy White House.
Obama AWOL on Hurricane Isaac and Media are Silent

posted on September 1, 2012 by Gary DeMar

Mitt Romney’s already been to New Orleans to see the hurricane damage first hand. He smells victory in November and so he’s acting presidential. Republican Governor Bobby Jindal, who was slated to speak at the GOP Convention, made the right call and stayed in Louisiana to oversee cleanup operations.

Why isn’t President Obama hip-deep in the flood waters of Hurricane Isaac? Where is FEMA? Is the President golfing? Is he campaigning? Yes, he’s campaigning, and since Louisiana isn’t in play in November, he’s decided to go elsewhere, until some conservative sites turned his absence into a story.

This isn’t the first flooded area President Obama has ignored. When Nashville was under water in May of 2010, the president was nowhere to be found. It was also a media non-story. It didn’t fit their liberal narrative even though 21 people were killed in Nashville alone. Even though at least 30 counties in Tennessee were declared major disaster areas by the federal government, President Obama was AWOL.

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