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For those of you who don’t know about Artur Davis, he was a Democrat member of the Congressional Black Caucus, and a Representative from the great state of Alabama. He lost his bid to become the Democrat Governor of Alabama, and this year, having moved from Alabama to Virginia, has also moved from Democrat to Republican. Like Ronald Reagan, Texas Governor Rick Perry, and many Democrat politicians before him, he declared he hadn’t left the Democrat Party but rather the Democrat Party left him.

And Artur Davis, the black man who was once tagged as a great up-and-coming power broker in the Democrat Party, who seconded Baraka Hussein Obama’s nomination for President and introduced him to the Democrat Convention in 2008, absolutely rocked the Republican Convention in 2012. Absolutely killed it.


Remember 2009 to 2011: lesson learned. 2012: mistake corrected. Yowza! Baraka Hussein Obama: merely a man I once knew. And the angels rejoiced!

Now, there are many Socialists, such as Wagonwheel, the 77 year old Socialist from Lewes, Delaware, who cynically declared that Artur Davis only switched parties to stand a better chance to get elected in the future out of very Conservative Alabama. The fact Artur Davis moved to northern Virginia aside, there was a possibility that such dishonest and cynical Socialists had a point. So I decided to do a bit more research. And that research involved examining information found at Truth Before Dishonor.

How did Artur Davis vote on ObamaCare? Especially since Artur Davis loudly and derisively declared that the Democrats refused to add a single Republican option to the monstrosity and the monstrosity was passed without a single Republican vote? And since Artur Davis noted that 50 percent of Americans are Republican? (More accurately, it’s about a 34/34 split with 32 percent being too wishy-washy and uncaring about the government that is wrecking their lives and the lives of their children.)

Well, Truth Before Dishonor has had that information for a very long time now. It’s in the ObamaCare Roll Call page. That’s right, a whole page devoted to the ObamaCare Roll Call. Artur Davis’ votes are recorded there.

How did Artur Davis vote on that Socialist wet dream that refused any Republican input and didn’t get a single Republican vote? He voted NO and NO again. He voted with the Republicans and against the Socialist Democrats both times. So, did Artur Davis switch parties out of self-serving expediency like the septa-genarian Socialist from Lewes, Delaware proclaimed? Or did Artur Davis look at what the Democrat Party had become, then look at what the Republican Party stands for and decide that he is, after all, a Republican? You decide for yourselves. As for me, I have already decided.

Welcome home, Artur Davis!

Originally published on Truth Before Dishonor
Since Perry (who demands his anonymity and hatefully attacks all who reveal about him that which he already revealed about himself, yet butt fscks any Conservative or Libertarian who comments from a position of anonymity) has promised never again to comment on my articles, and since Perry is wholly incapable of keeping his promises — otherwise known as Perry is a liar — I am holding Perry to the promise he made and cannot keep. Any and all comments Perry makes on this, my article, will be deleted in toto either by me or by another member of the editorial board of this site. Period. Full stop. End of line.


  1. Mr Davis represented the 7th Congressional District in Alabama for eight years, from 2003 to 2011. he was not one of the conservative Democrats who lost his seat in the Republican landslide 2010 election, but chose to run for Governor of Alabama in 2010; he lost the Democratic primary to a much more liberal Democrat, who, in turn, lost the general election to Robert Bentley, in a landslide (58%-42%).

  2. The only way the Democrat Party returns to any semblance of power in the various states (since they are sinking fast in state Governments throughout the nation) is if they eschew the Socialist leadership of the Dem’rat Party and return to their roots. I do not see that happening this decade, but maybe the next decade it will happen.

    My prediction for the 2020 Census and resultant redistricting: Ohio and Pennsylvania do not lose any House seats, but Illinois and New York lose two each, as people flee the Socialist agendas of both Democrat-led governments. If illegals are not counted or double-counted in the Census (as they were in 2010), California is in danger of losing a seat or three as well, as businesses and families alike continue their decades-long flight from California, only to be replaced by ILLEGALS.

  3. California is a hard case: they’ve had a few cities declare bankruptcy, but we’ve never had a state declare bankruptcy before; the Pyrite State could be the first. California has huge advantages, in a great climate, abundant agricultural areas, substantial natural resources and just plain glamour; California is a place where people would normally want to go. But they have created a situation in which the governments, from the state level on down, gave away too much, in the name of fairness and generosity, and committed the state and cities and counties to expenses they simply can no longer afford. Their only solution is to continually raise taxes on the highest producers and businesses, until those high producers and businesses which can move out of state are contemplating doing just that, and some have.

    California government is running off the people they can least afford to lose.

  4. America’s Got Talent is a business. America’s Got Talent has tax expenses. But unlike most businesses, America’s Got Talent is absolutely dependent on the entertainment industry.

    This year, America’s Got Talent has fled Hollywierd, California and set up stakes in the shadow of Broadway, New York, New York. In the shadow. That’s right, AGT fled the high tax, high regulation State of California and set up stakes in the shadow of the high tax, high regulation state of New York. In the shadows. AGT moved from the abysmally sinking California to the redirecting New Jersey. NEW JERSEY, not New York. Because the tax code of NJ was far more beneficial to AGT than CA or NY. And NJ is close enough to NY that the entertainment industry still has reach and access.

    The entertainment industry is fleeing both states just like everyone else is. To the shock and dismay of Socialists the nation over, like that stupid fat man Michael “More food consumed than you can” Moore and the equally stupid Perry of Lewes, Delaware.

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