Chris Matthews, racism and Democrisy

Liberal flack Chris Matthews:

The esteemed Mr Matthews said:

I go back to living in D.C. all these years. I’ve lived there 40 years, a black-majority city, and anybody who wants to get up early in Washington and drive down North Capitol and drive past Florida Ave., sees nothing but young, but black people up at 6:30 in the morning going to work. That’s where they’re going, to work, and not at big-wage jobs and not to get a welfare check, they’re out working hard all day and not coming home with a fantastic paycheck. So this notion of blacks live on welfare and whites live on work is a brilliant political ploy, but it’s not true, Rachel [Maddow]. And you know it. I know it.

That would be a powerful statement, if Mr Matthews actually lived in Washington, DC, as he claimed. Too bad it was a lie. And, more than just a lie, a blatant lie; from Jack Coleman:

Sounds like Matthews spends considerable time thinking about this — while driving. Which makes sense, seeing how he doesn’t actually live in the District of Columbia as he boasts.

Media profiles of Matthews (Washington Post, New York Times) and his wife, former TV reporter and Marriott flack Kathleen (Politico) have reported that the Matthews reside in Chevy Chase, an affluent Maryland suburb.

Kathleen Matthews serves on the board of trustees of the Shakespeare Theatre in Washington, D.C., which lists its trustees and their addresses online. Based on the addresses provided there, one learns that the Matthews live smack-dab in Chevy Chase Village — one of the least diverse locales in the country.

According to census data at, 1,953 people lived in Chevy Chase Village as of 2010. Of those nearly 2,000 residents, 10 were black. That’s right — ten. As in, one-half of one percent. Ninety-three percent of its residents were white, the remaining percentage other minorities.

Quite a difference between that “black majority” city where Matthews claims he lives and the rarefied swath of suburbia he actually calls home, don’t you think?

Seeing how the man considers himself color blind, he’s probably never noticed.

It wouldn’t have taken much of an amendment to have made his statement unchallengeable, such as saying that he lived and worked in the Washington metropolitan area, but the truth isn’t necessarily a liberal Democratic virtue.

Mr Matthews was trying to claim that Republicans are setting up a false image, of hard-working white people and slothful blacks living on welfare. It’s simply the latest Democratic argument that Republican complaints about welfare are some sort of racist dog-whistle, in which the words meant are not said, but “everyone” knows what they mean.

But that argument is bunk. There are a greater percentage of blacks than whites on welfare, true enough, but a black unemployment rate of 14.1%1 means that 85.9% of American blacks who are in the labor force are employed. The participation rate2 of 61.4% is lower than that for whites, 64.0%, but it isn’t hugely different.

The simple fact is that conservatives and Republicans like people who are willing to work, people who go to work every day to try to earn a living. What our friends on the left are trying to do is make complaints about malingerers who suckle the government teat complaints about race, when they are not; conservatives have a lot more respect for black people who work than they have for whites who will not.

That Mr Matthews would try his bovine feces is completely expected: he works for the very openly liberal MSNBC cable news network, and they are an out-and-out subsidiary of the Obama re-election campaign. But it’s a message that the Democrats have to keep pushing and keep pushing and keep pushing, because if the Democrats ever lose their 90% share of the black vote, they are done as a political party. The danger of that exists, because working-class black Americans have much more in common with the Republican Party than they do with the Democrats:

  • The Republicans are far more business-friendly than the Democrats, and private businesses provide the jobs for five out of every six working Americans;
  • The Republicans seek lower taxes, meaning less money taken out of the working man’s paycheck, less food taken off of the working family’s table;
  • The Republicans seek lower government spending, meaning that taxes can be lower; and
  • Republicans don’t support the cockamamie liberal plans which would drive up fuel and electricity prices; the Democrats think that this will encourage conservation, but, for working families, it means more money out of their paychecks for a less comfortable lifestyle.

Those aren’t somehow “pro-black” policies, but pro-workingman policies. Republicans know that the greatest social benefit any family, black or white, can have is a married, employed father living in the home with his wife and their children. Republicans support policies which encourage families to stay together; Democrats, in their great zeal to help the unfortunate, have wound up supporting policies which put a financial premium on keeping families apart, and which enables out-of-wedlock childbearing and economic abandonment by fathers.

Whether they realize it or not, the policies of the liberals and the Democrats, policies which take distinctions by race, policies which try to adjust things by race, policies which treat people differently by race, are policies which actually harm the people the Democrats think that they are helping. Forty years of Affirmative Action have been forty years of our good, liberal, compassionate government telling black Americans that they aren’t quite good enough to compete with whites without some special help from the government; am I the only one who thinks that such a message, continually pushed by people who say that they want to help black Americans might have a detrimental educational affect on black Americans?

The black working family has more in common with the Republican Party because the Republican Party wants to treat them just like anybody else, not favored and not disfavored, neither special nor handicapped, but just simply Americans; the Democrats very much fear the thought that black working families might someday actually see this.

  1. Bureau of Labor Statistics, July 2012. These data are updated monthly, and as time passes, the July 2012 statistics may disappear.
  2. The percentage of adults within the group who are part of the labor force.

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