‘T’would be most appropriate

The national debt was $15,975,222,200,557.28 as of yesterday, and it just might top $16 trillion during the Democratic National Convention.

In 3½ years under President Obama, we have added almost half a trillion dollars more to the national debt since President Obama was inaugurated than was added during the entire eight years that George W Bush was in office.

Let me put that in another perspective: under President Bush, we added $1,676,625,705.20 to the national debt every day; under President Obama, that number has risen to $4,067,182,624.82, every single day. If we assume that rate continues, we will have added $5.942 trillion to the debt by January 20, 2013, the end of President Obama’s first, and hopefully only, term. If the voters are foolish enough to re-elect this nincompoop, and the rate at which we add to the national debt remains the same, we will have added $11.884 trillion to the national debt, much more than doubling it. That would be a national debt of $22,511,184,678,650.10 on January 20, 2017.

Remember what Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) said about President Bush adding $4 trillion to the debt, all “by his lonesome?” That was “irresponsible,” and that was “unpatriotic.” So, what would Senator Obama call adding 21.3% more to the national debt in just half the time1 had Senator John McCain (R-AZ) won the 2008 election and that much new debt piled on under him as our President?

Yeah, we all know what Senator Obama would call it, and we know just how loudly the Democrats would be howling, and just how much they would be telling us that President McCain was an incompetent if he ran up the debt that much, if he had over $1 trillion deficits every single year, and if he had presided over an economy which had an 8.3% unemployment rate 3½ years into his term. But now, why it’s raaaaacist to evaluate President Obama’s job performance by the actual results, by the hard numbers, that have been produced under his leadership.

  1. This takes the $5.942 trillion that will be added to the debt by January 20, 2013 as its base.

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