On, Wisconsin!

After the recall elections in Wisconsin, which Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) won, our friends on the left took solace in the fact that they took control of the state Senate, 17-16.

Well, the Democratic leadership managed to urinate off state Senator Tim Cullen, a moderate Democrat from Janesville, and he has now withdrawn from the Democratic caucus, making the state Senate 16-16-1. If he chooses to caucus with the Republicans, the Republicans will retain the majority.

State Senator Rich Zipperer (R-Pewaukee) is due to resign on August 6, 2012, to become a deputy chief of staff for Governor Walker, which would leave the Democrats with a slim advantage, 16-15-1. The Lieutenant Governor, Rebecca Kleefisch, is a Republican, but the Lieutenant Governor in Wisconsin does not have a state Senate role, unlike such office holders in other states.

Right now, control of the state Senate depends on just how mad Senator Cullen is with his former Democratic allies. He was one of the fleebaggers who left the state to prevent a quorum, but he was one of the ones working on a compromise. The Republicans can easily offer him inducements to join their caucus as an independent; whether he will or not remains to be seen.


  1. Scott Walker found himself in the sad and unenviable position of having to run for the same office twice. It was very partisan but that said he won: twice! Now he needs to contend with a virtual gridlocked state congress. You know what? I think that could be a good thing. Perhaps a little give-and-take on both sides will end up making Wisconsin a better state for everybody. Perhaps, just perhaps, if the Democrats realize the Republicans want to make the state solvent and attractive to businesses and employees alike while limiting the cost to taxpayers for state salaries, benefits and pensions, they might be able to strike deals which will help Wisconsin grow. And maybe some regular old taxpayers may realize that private industry unions are fine but public employee unions are a trap they can’t afford. Hell, even leftists like FDR and George Meany knew that.

  2. Fortunately, Governor Walker and the Republicans already did make teh state solvent: facing a large, impending deficit, they cut state spending and balanced the budget without increasing taxes. That’s the real reason Governor Walker won the recall election: what he did might have urinated off a lot of Cheeseheads, but it worked!

    The American people really do have a lot of respect for people who make things work, who get the job done.

  3. Actually, what I heard after the recall elections which the Unions spent tens of millions of dollars on, is that the Wisconsin Legislature had already completed its legislative work for this year. Unlike many states, but like many other states, Wisconsin does not have a full-time Legislature. And Wisconsin’s Legislature is not scheduled to meet again until Swearing-In Day next year. And with Senates being Senates, only a portion of Senators are up for election, and many of them Democrats in danger of losing their seats to Republicans. So, by the time Wisconsin’s Legislature meets again, it could well be a majority Republican Senate once again.

    So in effect and in reality, the Unions spent perhaps 100 million dollars over the past 2-ish years in Wisconsin and “all they got was this lousy T-Shirt!”

  4. Oh, and on top of that, Wisconsin AFSCME, the second-largest PEU in Wisconsin, lost over half its dues-paying membership once the Law disallowing the state from being the Unions’ dues-collector arm went into place. And the dues-paying membership is continuing to shrink. The Union political slush fund has been shut off, but they keep spending mad money out of it nonetheless. For causes that a very large number of Union members vehemently oppose.

    When people are no longer forced to fund that which they oppose, they stop funding that which they oppose. To the utter dismay of the Socialists who run the Unions, and to the acolytes and neophytes who support the Socialist Unions.

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