King Obama Has Decreed That Arizona Does Not Exist

It appears King BO lives by Get Mad, then Get Even. King BO has decreed that if any of the AZ local police bring ILLEGAL ALIENS to them, The King Shall Set Them Free. It short, The Emporer with no clothes has made the Sovereign State Of Arizona an Illegal Aliens corridor and the ILLEGALS (not Undocumented) will have no fear of the Feds sending them back. What has been an impossible job for Arizona, has been made worse to Impossible by the KING’S DECREE.

King Obama Seeks Revenge as Unanimous Court Upholds Part of Immigration Law

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But the justices didn’t realize they were dealing with King Obama. Instead of accepting the decision of the court with good grace and committing himself to upholding the ruling as is the president’s duty, Obama immediately set about finding ways to get around it.

First came the promise that Attorney General Eric “Blind Eye” Holder was going to watch Arizona very closely for any signs of “racial profiling.” I give it two weeks before he sues Arizona again.

Then, just to hammer home the point that His Majesty was not pleased, almost immediately following the court’s decision came the announcement that Homeland Security was suspending existing agreements with Arizona law enforcement regarding immigration, meaning they would ignore most immigration calls from Arizona.

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