Another “FUN” Day at the Ranch (House)

This morning I rolled into the bathroom for the usual stuff and noticed water on the floor. Not too unusual after someone takes a shower. Afterall, in the house, it’s the “Wet room” with a Vanity sink, a tub shower combo, and a toilet. You expect wet. But not this wet. So, since it was near the vanity, it became the culprit. My suspicions were right, but what leaked. So, I looked in the vanity and it was sloshing around. So I started removing wet stuff (easy way of cleaning it out). So was it leaking supply or drain. A quick check pointed to the drain. So, I did a little more looking and dragging everything out of it. The copper part of the drain just under the sink sheared off. Well, I got a bucket to catch stray water. My wife did a quick mopping, and let it dry.

So, the only smart thing to do was meet the crowd for breakfast club at the diner as the usual Friday routine now. The grandkids come too.

Then home to assess the repair. Went to store and got all the parts needed. Had a hard time taking it apart. Then I had to put all the new stuff on, and we’re back in service. Me doing it, parts $30.99. Calling a plumber, a lot more than that. Another success story (I hope, we’ll find out in a day or two). And replaced metal with plastic.

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