About that Wisconsin recall election . . . .

Our good friend Wagonwheel was just ecstatic when Wisconsin Democrats collected enough signatures to force a recall election for Governor Scott Walker (R-Wi):

Gov Walker Recall: Well on the Way!

Posted on January 17, 2012 by Perry

It is not every day that a Governor is recalled, only two (2003: Gray Davis (D-CA); (1921: Lynn Frazier (R-ND)), but Governor Scott Walker’s egregious cost-cutting and extreme anti-unionism has Wisconsin taxpayers furious, furious enough to have far exceeded the number of signatures to begin the recall procedure. See here:

WASHINGTON — Democrats needed to collect 540,208 signatures to trigger a gubernatorial recall election against Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R). On Tuesday, they announced they had far exceeded that number, collecting one million signatures.

Tuesday was the deadline for recall organizers, led by the group United Wisconsin, to turn in their petitions. The number collected is 185 percent of the signatures required to force a recall election. Organizers also collected enough to trigger recalls of the lieutenant governor and four Republican state senators.

The total went far beyond Walker’s expectations. ….

Well, that recall drive isn’t going quite as well as the Democrats had hoped; from

Democrats’ Wisconsin Worry

Some Fear Walker’s Surviving Recall Would Boost GOP’s Chances in November

With little more than two weeks until Wisconsin’s gubernatorial recall election, some Democratic and union officials quietly are expressing fears that they have picked a fight they won’t win and that could leave lingering injuries.

Recent polling and a head start on fundraising by Gov. Scott Walker have some Democrats concerned that the Republican will survive the June 5 recall election.

The election has taken on significance beyond Wisconsin state politics: Organized labor sees the battle as a major stand against GOP efforts to scale back collective-bargaining rights for public-sector workers, as Mr. Walker did after taking office in 2011. Some Democrats now fear mobilizing Republicans to battle the recall could carry over to help the party—and Republican Mitt Romney—in November’s presidential election.

The latest polls show Mr. Walker building a small lead over Democrat Tom Barrett, the mayor of Milwaukee, with few voters remaining undecided, adding to the Democrats’ concerns. Mr. Walker led 50% to 44% in a Marquette Law School Poll last week in a survey with a margin of error of plus or minus 4.1 percentage points.

More at the link. But if the recall drive isn’t going as well as the union bosses and their Democratic Party stooges had hoped, the one simple chart, indicating the state budget deficits and surplus for recent years really does tell the whole story: what Governor Walker and the Republicans have done has worked!

No gimmicks and no bovine feces: the deep deficit that the Republicans inherited has been eliminated, resulting in a small surplus. That’s what conservatives call good, responsible government.

Of course, opinion polls might be indicators of what is going to happen, but they are, in fact, meaningless: the only poll with any significance is the one on election day. The election is scheduled for June 5th.

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