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Mitt Romney Brings Up National Debt Clock, MSNBC Brings Up Bush

May 17, 2012 | By

MSNBC is ridiculous. Mitt Romney made a campaign appearance in Florida today and rolled out the National Debt Clock to show the dangerous path this country is traveling on. Mitt Romney had nothing to do with the nearly $16 trillion in national debt, but he did acknowledge that many Republicans did. So, how did MSNBC report the news?

“There was another area during [President Obama’s] campaign, he said he would focus on. You see, he was very critical of his predecessor for the debts his predecessor put in place. And sure it’s true you can’t blame one party or the other for all the debts this country has, because both parties in my opinion have spent too much and borrowed too much when they were in power,” Romney said in this key swing state.

(Interestingly, Romney danced around the actual name of that predecessor, George W. Bush, who on Tuesday endorsed the former Massachusetts Governor when asked a question by an ABC News reporter.)

What was George Bush supposed to say when he was asked who he was pulling for in the next election? Obama? The Democrats were just as – if not more – culpable for the economic meltdown as the Republicans. President Obama happened to be a Senator for the party that controlled Congress at the time, in case anyone forgot. In fact, the economy was doing pretty well before they took over during Bush’s lame duck years. I kind of remember them running against the Republicans’ rotten 5% unemployment rate. Those were the days.

Way to shill for your man, MSNBC. We expect nothing more from you. While most political bloggers wear our ideologies on our sleeves, you continue to pretend you’re a neutral and objective news organization. What a joke.

Karen isn’t really surprised that MSNBC is a technically-unaffiliated but nevertheless important part of President Obama’s re-election campaign. While it might be nicer if they’d go ahead and put up the Obama banners in the background, MSNBC’s leftward bias has been a conscious and obvious part of their programing philosophy. Given that your Editor supports Fox News right to be oriented toward conservatism and the truth, he cannot object to MSNBC having a bias toward liberalism and falsehood. Considering that Fox gets roughly 2½ times the viewers of MSNBC, it works out pretty well. :)

Oh, by the way, the national debt went up by about half a billion dollars between the time Mitt Romney made his speech and the time I wrote this post.

And this is why THE FIRST STREET JOURNAL maintains the icon to the left permanently available in teh sidebar: if you click on it, you will be directed to the Treasury Department’s Debt to the Penny page; the Total Federal Debt Outstanding, as of the 15th, was $15,716,115,612,805.06, which was an increase of $39,119,338,944.24 over the previous day.

Of course, we already know — but your Editor will remind you, yet again — what Senator Barack Husseon Obama (D-IL) said about a President who had added $4 trillion to the national debt “all by his lonesome,” something the host of Bridging the Gap said was “pathetic“.

Given that President Obama managed to exceed President Bush’s two term record in only 3¼ years, perhaps that was what he meant by pathetic. It certainly is true that President Bush was a piker compared to President Obama when it comes to piling up debt!

Mitt Romney needs to keep hammering on President Obama’s record on the economy, including ridiculous spending levels and the huge increase in the deficit and the national debt. He should hammer hard, every day.
Update: posted after Wagonwheel’s comment. William Teach cited John Hinderaker, who noted that the United States Senate has voted on five separate FY2013 budget resolutions, and all have failed, because not one Democrat ever voted for a single one of them, including President Obama’s budget!

Four different Republican budgets were taken up by the Senate. The House budget (commonly referred to as the Ryan budget) was voted down 41-58. The vote on Pat Toomey’s budget was 42-47; the vote on Rand Paul’s budget was 16-83; and the vote on Mike Lee’s budget was 17-82. The common denominator was that no Democrat had the courage to vote for any of them.

The Senate vote on President Obama’s budget was 0-99; not one single senator voted for it.

Now, tell me again about how hardworking and dedicated the Democrats are.

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