Open Thread: The weekend is coming edition

Your Editor worked long and hard on a posting yesterday evening, a “From around the blogroll” post which cited a whole bunch of people, and then he lost the whole thing when something weird happened. But he ended it with a video from Shania Twain:

It’s good to hear a woman who doesn’t have an accent! And the video might just qualify as Rule 5 Blogging for the weekend, though it’s not our normal way of doing things.

At any rate, your Editor is both humongously writers’ blocked and has a lot on his plate this weekend. So, consider this the new Open Thread, and the Editor’s hope that Yorkshire, John and Gretchen pick up the slack for me!

And one more video — another Rule 5er — from a woman who doesn’t have an accent that I can discern:


  1. For the record, THIS Gretchen is dressed exactly like THAT Gretchen, except THIS Gretchen’s belt buckle is silver, not gold. Oh…and THIS Gretchen does have a bit of an accent, an Okie twang–to be precise–but otherwise, we could be twins! It’s uncanny!

  2. Well, I wrote a long-winded article, half before the power went out due to the rare rainstorm (we’re still in a 2-year drought but well on our way out) and half after it passed. And I cross-posted it here without knowing it was needed for my paycheck to continue, so it wasn’t an Editor-pressured article. Honestly. No, seriously, it wasn’t. I’m being serious.

  3. I don’t know if our Gretchen is dressed like Gretchen Wilson in that video, but I know she has the same abs! :)

    As for Gretchen’s Southern fashions, here’s Hank Williams, Jr, with a cameo by Gretchen Wilson:

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