Dick Lugar Crushed Like The Bug He Is

Career politician and 36-year Republican Senator from Indiana — who hasn’t lived in Indiana for 36 years — and media darling Dick Lugar got absolutely crushed in his re-election bid. Absolutely crushed. In a Primary. Because the TEA Party and Sarah Palin favored Richard Mourdock over the absolute squish and out of touch and out of reach Dick Lugar.

Stupid Democrats (which would include nearly the entirety of mainstream media) had predicted a Mourdock victory over Lugar would mean a better chance that a Democrat, someone vastly more Liberal than Mourdock, would have a chance to win in Indiana. This year. After the outrage that caused 2010. While Democrats are busily doubling down on what caused the outrage to begin with.

Now that the votes have come in and Dick Lugar, the incumbent, got the vote percentages normally reserved for pretender challengers, and Richard Mourdock, the challenger, got the vote percentages normally reserved for respected incumbents, what will the “in the pocket of the Democrats” lamestream media have to say?

It will be interesting to hear the lies they push.

It would also be interesting to hear the lies Wagonwheel hears and relays here, except that he’s forbidden from commenting on this article, as is his mentor PIATOR (who seems to have vanished once again).

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