Just Another Example of How Liberals and Conservatives See Events Differently

I spend a lot of time surfing liberal sites just to see what it is they think is important. I also like seeing how their perception of events differ from mine and that of conservatives generally. There have been a number of examples recently, from the phony War on Women to Dog-gate, that show how liberals and conservatives view events from entirely different planets. But the Trayvon Martin case gives us, perhaps, the best example of how liberals don’t understand conservatives…at all.

I’ve spent weeks saying that we need to withhold judgment on what happened between Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman in Sanford, Florida. I understand why so many black people would feel outraged at the idea that a child was gunned down and the police did nothing about it.

But the flip side of that argument is that the perpetual outrage hucksters used Trayvon’s death to further agendas that have little to do with one 17-year-old’s death. The case became a cause celebre for anti-gun advocates, race shills, and police critics. Surely, a little skepticism for the sudden appearance of Al Sharpton, the race shill extraordinaire, was in order. Instead, if you didn’t immediately call for Zimmerman’s imprisonment, you were a raaaacist.

Now we’re faced with the beating of a white man by a black mob, and rather than thinking this is a problem that should be condemned, we’re faced with crap like this:

I assume they will bring charges against as many of the attackers as they can identify. So, any comparison to the Trayvon Martin case is ridiculous. However, if it is true that one of the assailants said that the attack was “Justice for Trayvon,” that at least ties the two events together. And it ties them together in a way that is a bit different from how the right-wingers would like you to believe. If there are some black people out there who are mad enough about how the Sanford police and prosecutors treated the murder of Trayvon Martin that they want to do violence to random white people, that isn’t the fault of the people who highlighted the injustice in Florida. It’s a predictable, albeit unfortunate, result of not investigating and not prosecuting crimes against blacks while making certain to do so for whites. The lesson is that crimes should be treated the same regardless of the races of the perpetrator and the victim. It seems like a lot of right-wingers believe that injustice isn’t a problem unless someone complains about it.

Of course, there’s no truth to any of that characterization of conservative thought. Conservatives condemn the racism charge leveled at Zimmerman as a “white Hispanic” when there was no evidence to support it. If the argument had been simply that Sanford police hadn’t taken the shooting seriously, that would be an unfortunate but understandable charge. The problem with the Martin-Zimmerman case is that a whole lot of people were calling for Zimmerman’s imprisonment before there had even been an investigation.

I suppose it’s far easier to demonize people you aren’t interested in understanding, but if liberals have such an overwhelming urge to lecture everyone else about what they should be doing, they should at least try to understand the actual motivations of others. Of course, that assumes they are looking for common ground and I kind of doubt that.