Political Prisoners In The US?

You betcha! Congress passed a law that Obama signed that turns peaceful protesters into felons! And it wasn’t just the Democrats. The Republicans joined in passing the law.

Remember the TEA Party crowd in DC when Pelosi and the Congressional Black Caucus waded through, their camera-phones rolling in the hopes of catching raaaaacist epithets and failing to do so? If Obama were to assign Secret Service agents to their protection (so long as those agents aren’t too busy buying whores in Colombia or ogling Sarah Palin), all those protesters could go to prison for more than a year, convicted of a felony, and lose their rights to vote.

First Amendment? What First Amendment?

HT Schadenfreude.
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  1. One wonders what Senator Obama would have said had such a law been proposed while George Bush was still President?

    But, let’s be honest here: Republicans voted for this as well as Democrats.

    The Secret Service can, and should, be able to enforce a safety zone around the President, but a safety zone shouldn’t be something which pushes protesters so far away from the President that they cannot be heard.

  2. But, let’s be honest here: Republicans voted for this as well as Democrats.

    Sentence numbers two and three in my article covered that. But you knew that already and were just reinforcing what I wrote. ;)

    I don’t recognize this country anymore in relation to the 50′s.

    You got that sh…tuff right!

  3. The country is sliding down hill quickly with the method of death by a thousand cuts. This past week I was with friends from Salt Lake City, or more like Park City area. To stay friends we don’t talk politics which is OK with me. But his wife is on Facebook and read a few meanderings of mine in the political area. Then he said, you know they are monitoring me. And I said I keep certain words out of the meanderings. So he believes that no such agency is watching. They are building that 2000 million dollor facility about 50 miles from his home.

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