An Open Letter to Hilary Rosen

Dear Ms. Rosen,
As you’ve no doubt figured out by now, attacking a stay-at-home mom as never having worked a day in her life was a stupid, stupid move.

Sadly, you’ve since stuck your other foot in your mouth with your snide apology which tries to say that the “war against stay-at-home moms” is fake. I’ll raise the ante on you a bit: if you’ll admit that the Democrats’ whole Republican War on Women (WoW) meme was a trumped up nasty pile of doggy doo, then I’ll let you off the hook for not understanding what working women go through.

There’s a word for the snooty jabs you and people like you try to make at women like Ann Romney: elitist. Ah, yes. Ann Romney certainly hasn’t worked as a clerk in a grocery store or a customer service rep. But tell me, Hilary, when was the last time you punched a clock, put up with irate customers, and had to stand on your feet working for eight hours straight? When was the last time you didn’t bill a client $500 per hour for you to sit around and “think” about how to exploit–er, help them with their problems, real or imagined? I’m willing to bet 20 bucks (which is more than the average woman makes per hour) that you haven’t ever held a clerical job, mowed a lawn, cleaned a bedpan, or cleaned up the vomit of a stranger for pay.

This is why the Democrats’ phony “War on Women” crap is so infuriating. You really live in a different world, one where women are stupid enough to vote based on trumped up charges of sexism because someone disagrees with your solutions to modern problems. You honestly expect women to be so dumb as to think your poke at Ann Romney didn’t hit every woman who has ever stayed home with her family. Unfortunately for you, women did notice a dumb woman and it wasn’t Ann Romney.

It’s time for Democrats to stop pretending that the same women who fought to vote, own property, start their own businesses, and run for president are helpless victims in a fake War on Women, waiting for Democrats to swoop in and save them. Real women–the ones you supposedly claim to see and work with every day–don’t want to be treated like idiots, which is what your behavior suggests. We want to be treated like intelligent adults who see through charlatans like you.

An American Voter

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