The white-on-black killing demagoguery

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Two white men arrested over Tulsa shootings that left three black men dead

Police say 32-year-old and 19-year-old are expected to be charged with killing three and wounding two in Oklahoma city

Tulsa Chief of Police Chuck Jordan

Two white men were arrested on Sunday over shootings in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that left three black men dead and two more critically wounded.

Police said the arrested men were expected to face three counts of first-degree murder and two counts of shooting with intent to kill. He said police acted on an anonymous tipoff.

The men were identified as 19-year-old Jake England and 32-year-old Alvin Watts. A police spokesman, Jason Willingham, said authorities had begun seeking the men on Saturday evening.

Police had said previously that they were searching for a white man driving a white pickup, which was spotted close to where three of the shootings occurred early on Friday.

At least two dozen officers were called to investigate the case, along with the FBI and US marshals, in a taskforce named Operation Random Shooter. The arrests came hours after the taskforce was launched.

The shootings placed Tulsa’s black community on edge over the weekend. Authorities said they thought the shootings were linked because they happened at around the same time within a three-mile span and all five victims were out walking when they were attacked.

Willingham said authorities still faced many unanswered questions after the arrests. “We are going to turn over every rock,” he said.

As of the end of Friday, 6 April 2012, 92 people had been murdered in Philadelphia during 2012; though the source (the Philadelphia Police Department) does not give the breakdown, the vast majority of both the victims and the killers were black males. One wonders: did The Guardian, a left-wing British newspaper, have big stories about the dozens of black men killed by other black men in Philadelphia?

OK, that’s a lie: no one wonders if such is the case, because we all know that it isn’t. When a black man kills another black man in Philadelphia, or really anywhere in this country, it’s local news. Frequently the name of the victim is never even published: it isn’t known to the media when The Philadelphia Inquirer is published, and by the next day, it’s simply not news anymore.

But the current meme is that the problem is whites murdering blacks; unfortunately for those pushing that, it really isn’t true. From the FBI:1

While the vast majority of murders are committed within a given race, interracial murders are twice as likely to have a white victim as a black one.2

I went to the site of a popular, black Philadelphia blogger who styles himself The Field Negro, in part because I knew he had the link to Philadelphia murder statistics on his sidebar, under the title “Killadelphia.” The first thing that jumped out at me was a big blurb at the top of the sidebar:



Makes a nice, political blurb, doesn’t it? Trouble is, it isn’t true! To get to the documentary evidence Field had embedded behind the photo of Trayvon Martin required more than a couple of clicks, but here’s the Gallup Poll eventually referenced:

Blacks, Nonblacks Hold Sharply Different Views of Martin Case

Blacks more likely to believe race is a major factor

Questions on Trayvon Martin case, April 2012 by Frank Newport
PRINCETON, NJ — Black Americans’ views differ dramatically from those of nonblacks regarding the circumstances involved in the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Fla., on Feb. 26. Blacks are paying much closer attention to the news of the incident; overwhelmingly believe that George Zimmerman, the individual who shot Martin, is guilty of a crime; believe that racial bias was a major factor in the events leading up to the shooting; and believe that Zimmerman would already have been arrested had the victim been white, not black.

What “WHITE AMERICANS OVERWHELMINGLY BELIEVE” is that they don’t know if George Zimmerman is innocent or guilty; 61% of “non-blacks” responded that whether Mr Zimmerman is guilty of a crime or not is “unclear from available information” or had no opinion on the matter. 32% think that he is either definitely or probably guilty of a crime, while only 7% believe that he is definitely or probably not guilty of a crime. Yet, to Field, who is an attorney in real life, that 61% of “non-black” respondents (which he seems to believe means “white”) don’t believe that they have enough information to form an educated opinion, and 7% say that Mr Zimmerman is either definitely or probably not guilty of a crime translates into “WHITE AMERICANS OVERWHELMINGLY BELIEVE THAT GEORGE ZIMMERMAN IS INNOCENT.”

It’s not terribly surprising that 61% of non-black respondents would say that they don’t have enough information on which to form an opinion; 40% of non-black respondents said that they were either not following the case very closely, or not following it at all. Nor is it surprising when we consider the revelations that even the professional media have been biased in their reporting of the event: NBC deliberately doctored evidence made a serious error in the production process which made it look like Mr Zimmerman was deliberately targeting Mr Martin because Mr Martin was black, and ABC was, at the very least, unprofessional in failing to enhance a video, and then making a claim that Mr Zimmerman had no visible injuries as evidenced by the poor-quality video. CNN reported that Mr Zimmerman used the term “f(ornicating) coon,” but then, after further review of the tapes, was unable to determine if he used the word “coon,” “cold” or even “punk.”3

Right now, the Field Negro is having a field day with the blacks are being slaughtered by whites meme, with seven separate, consecutive stories since last Sunday that are either entirely devoted to the terrible-whites-shooting-innocent-blacks theme, or touch on it tangentially (here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.) Yet the cold, hard numbers say that, if you are white, you have twice a great a chance of being killed by a black or other non-white person than a black man has of being killed by someone who is not black.

Not a single soul at THE FIRST STREET JOURNAL knows whether George Zimmerman committed a crime when he killed Trayvon Martin, or whether the shooting was legally justified. None of us here are trained investigators, none of us here have examined the crime scene, and none of us here have interviewed the witnesses. All of the information we get is second or third or fourth hand, through the media, and the media have proved to be very unreliable in this case. There simply is no way we could know if Mr Zimmerman is guilty of a crime. And the same is true of Field: he does not know because he cannot know. Yet he has chosen to demagogue this case for all it is worth.


  1. 2009 crime statistics; I couldn’t find more recent statistics.
  2. The calculation functions were added by me. For interracial murders, the white and other totals were added together for murders of blacks, and the black and other totals were added for murders of whites; in both cases, the unknowns were excluded from the calculation function.
  3. Most of the links deserve a hat tip to Sister Toldjah.

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