Clean up your own mess first

As William Teach noted, the Honorable Michael A Nutter, Mayor of Philadelphia, has strongly condemned the killing of Trayvon Martin, calling it an “assassination:”

I’ve called this nothing short of an assassination. There was no reason for that individual, Zimmerman, to do what he did. Trayvon was not doing anything and was not a threat, based on all the information and evidence and 911 tapes that have been released. It was incomprehensible to me why an individual would do something like this unless he had something else either in his heart or on his mind.

One wonders just what the esteemed Mr Nutter says about his own city: as of 2359 on March 26th, 85 people1 had been murdered in the City of Brotherly Love.2 According to the Philadelphia Police Department, 276 out of the 324 people murdered in Philadelphia in 2011 were black; that’s 85.2%. Perhaps those weren’t assassinations, because 146 of the 176 murderers identified, or 82.8%, were also black.3

Maybe, just maybe, Mayor Nutter ought to get more done in taking care of his own city’s murder problem before he starts commenting about killings elsewhere.

  1. Since March 26th is the 86th day of the year, I guess it could be said that Philly isn’t killing people at a rate of one a day.
  2. Site accessed at 2209 on March 27, 2012. The Philadelphia Police update the site daily, so the information may be different when the reader checks it.
  3. According to the 2010 census, Philadelphia is 43.4% black, 41.0% white (of which 36.9% were not of Hispanic origin), but the top law enforcement and public safety officials are all black: the Mayor, the Police Commissioner, the Fire Chief and the District Attorney. It would be difficult to claim that the heavy black murder rate in Philadelphia is due to the neglect of racist white officials.

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