Several Pro-Life Women (And One Pro-Abort Man)

The pro-abort crowd is very vociferous in their hate-filled attitude that men have no voice whatsoever in “a woman’s choice” (unless that man is pro-abort). The pro-abort crowd is also very vociferous in claiming Pro-Life women are merely “men with fun bags” as I clearly showed in my previous article referencing Philadelphia Democrat Legislator Babette Josephs. So the pro-abort crowd only accept the opinions of pro-abort women and pro-abort men (who very much wish not to be saddled with any responsibility related to their conquests of morally challenged women).

I have some photos that I picked up from ChristianProLife, who picked them up from Abolish Human Abortion.

And now, the type of “man” the pro-abort crowd finds acceptable.

Pro-aborts always say a man’s contrary opinion doesn’t count, so why would a man’s opinion count at all? Oh, I know. So it gives cover for all the irresponsible women who want to kill their babies. But seriously, why would any pro-abort seek the aid of that “man” above? He’s a dog who has no chance at all of bedding an educated, refined woman. He’s dregs of society and the women he beds are also dregs of society. Neither of them have any interest in being personally responsible for their actions, or in obeying society’s rules.

But according to Babette Josephs, Democrat Pennsylvania Legislature and Dem leader in a certain committee in the Pennsylvaia Legislature, Pro-Life women are actually men with ta-tas. So every photo above, according to Babette Josephs — herself a useful tool in scaring away rats — is of men, and mostly men with melons, or who will have melons.

Talk to the Pro-Abort women and they’ll tell you “I’m not a snob! Just ask anyone! Anyone who counts, that is!”
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Gosh – where have we heard this before? Oh yeah.

This is just one more in a long line of classic examples of the so-called “tolerance” routinely exhibited by “feminist” politicos (and other liberal female public figures) who think conservative women either can’t think for themselves because they’ve been brainwashed into being “subservient to the patriarchy”, “aren’t really women” – or are both. They know challenging a woman on her womanhood is probably the most insulting thing you can do to a fellow woman. Of course, these days most of us conservative gals just laugh about it — because we know that oftentimes these “feminists” do us a favor by so openly declaring what we’ve known they’ve thought about average American women for a long time.

What a fascinating way to promote the “respectful dialogue” Democrats so often claim is lost in our national discourse as a result (allegedly) of “hateful Republicans.” And isn’t it extremely interesting that many of the same females who so often fly the flag of “feminism and freedom!!!” have completely forgotten – willfully or otherwise – that a core goal of early (real) US feminists was to fight for a woman’s right to have an equal voice at the table? Yet these days there are female voices that are apparently more “equal and worthy” than others in FeministaLand. Those who aren’t worthy don’t even count. How very regressive, especially for women like Rep. Babette Josephs (contact info) who openly & proudly claim to be “progressive.”


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