Rule 5 Blogging: Cover Girl Cosmetics edition

Our weekly (sometimes) venture into Rule 5 Blogging. We all know how the ladies pay attention to perfect grooming and are careful with their make-up, so, we at THE FIRST STREET JOURNAL pay tribute to them. Vive la différence!

Israeli soldiers from the Karakal brigade are seen prior their 20 kms march at the end of their basic training near Zeelim, Israel on 05 February 2008. Karakal is the only combat brigade in Israeli army in which the women serve as a combat ground troops EPA/PAVEL WOLBERG

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An Israeli army sniper instructor emerges from her camouflage cover during a live fire demonstration for Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon at Adam army base in central Israel.

Private 1st Class Carla Campbell, of the 82nd Airborne Division, is rigged up and ready to jump onto the Sicily Drop Zone as part of Joint Task Force Exercise 98-1.

An American soldier

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