The Great Unwashed return to New York

Now that spring is in the air — your editor has seen the first robins of spring at his home now — and it won’t be quite so cold and miserable camping out in New York City, the Occupy protesters are returning to their fruitless protests:

NYC Activists Differ on Occupy’s Direction

By KAREN MATTHEWS Associated Press>NEW YORK March 18, 2012 (AP)

A day after police broke up a rally at Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park and arrested dozens, Occupy Wall Street protesters said Sunday that their movement for economic justice would pick up momentum with the spring.

Activists listed issues including student debt, the environment and the November elections as priorities going forward. But some observers who watched workers hose down the now-barricaded park that was Occupy’s home wondered whether a movement so diffuse could accomplish anything.

“I’m really grateful to be part of a generation that wants change, ’cause we should all want change,” said Jennifer Campbell, a graduate student in documentary filmmaking at Hofstra University. “But I’m not sure what that change is, or if they know what that change is.”

Meanwhile, police were seeking a subpoena to identify an apparent Occupy protester who they said tweeted a threat to kill police officers, police spokesman Paul Browne confirmed Sunday.

The Democrats welcomed the original Occupy protesters, at least for a while, until they got tiresome and obnoxious and, their primary political sin, started turning off more people than they persuaded. The Democrats might have liked to see a renewal of the Occupy protests, if they had begun again in October, close to the election. But by summer, they’ll just be another annoyance, a odoriferous annoyance. They’ll be there, yelling and screaming, still with their electronic toys — paid for by mom and dad, no doubt — but the lack of sanitation facilities will mean fewer opportunities for them to bathe, and whatever grassy areas they inhabit will turn to dirt and mud, and the people who see them, and might otherwise have had some inclination to sympathy, will look at them and think, no wonder they can’t get a good job; who would hire them?

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