March 16, 2012 Executive Order–Yet Another Obama Power Grab

Please read this little-publicized March 16, 2012, press release from the White House.  I am sure that most–those who are unwilling to hand over control of  virtually ALL the nation’s resources to the Obama Administration will recognize yet another effort not to lead, but to control this nation and its people–will agree that Obama’s power grab is out of control.

I cannot find any articles in the traditional media about this. All I can find referencing this executive order are articles from so-called conservative sources, in spite of the fact that the order gives Obama the power to assume complete control over the nation’s resources in “times of war or emergency.”  Who, any thinking person should ask, determines the definition of “emergency?”  If you read the executive order, the decision is left to the POTUS.

The National Defense Resources Preparedness order gives the power-hungry President Obama and his compliant Cabinet the power to control and allocate to the nation not only energy resources, but also virtually all production, transportation, food and even water resources in the name of national defense and national security–the definition of which to be determined by the POTUS.

When will even those who have apparently given their blind allegiance to this power grabbing pretender in the White House awaken to the reality of his agenda?


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