I told you so

Regular readers of THE FIRST STREET JOURNAL may recall that the Editor wrote, last December, that, if Mitt Romney won the Republican presidential nomination, the Democrats would certainly take to attacking his religion — Mr Romney is a Mormon — despite all of their claims that they are the multi-culturalist, tolerant people.

And while Governor Perry’s religious views are fairly unremarkable and American mainstream, should Governor Romney win the nomination, I’m absolutely certain that we will see the attacks coming from the Democrats based on the fact he is a Mormon. Oh, they’ll try to make them subtle, if they can figure out how, and they’ll try to make them second- and third-hand if they can — nothing directly on the campaign websites, of course — but I guarantee you that they’ll be made.

The Editor was somewhat in error: they didn’t wait until Mr Romney won the nomination. Here’s Chris Matthews on MSNBC:

Chris Matthews: GOP Willing To “Outsource” Election To A Mormon

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews says Republicans are willing to outsource the election to a Mormon in order to win the presidency. Matthews also likened the process to calling India or another third-world country to get your computer fixed.

On top of that, Matthews called Romney a cultist as well as his two opponents who are Catholics.

Much more at the link, including text of some of the stuff that Mr Matthews said. Hat tip to Colonel Haiku. Elissa noted:

As to the “outsource to a Mormon” slur -– that’s vile even by MSNBC standards.

If the openly leftwing MSNBC actually had any conservative contributors, and this hypothetical contributor had said something along the lines of “Democrats are willing to outsource the election to a Muslim in order to win the presidency,” your editor would be rather surprised if that wasn’t the hypothetical contributors last day on MSNBC.

Your editor does not advocate the firing of Chris Matthews; as far as he is concerned, the distinguished Mr Matthews can say any fool thing he wants, and he does have a history of saying foolish things. Nor does your editor care that MSNBC continues to give Mr Matthews a platform; not only does such clarify the nature of MSNBC, but nobody really watches that network anyway. :) But the editor does expect to hear crickets, as there will be almost complete silence from our good friends on the left over this. They wanted to get sponsors to desert Rush Limbaugh, and Jane Fonda, Robin Morgan and Gloria Steinem published an opinion article on cnn.com calling his show “hate speech” and asking the Federal Communications Commission to threaten the broadcasting licenses of stations which carry his show. When it comes to Mr Matthews, I’m sure that we’ll see a new-found respect for the First Amendment from them.

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