The latest employment report

The latest jobs numbers:

U.S. Added 227,000 Jobs Last Month; Rate at 8.3%

In yet another sign of a strengthening recovery, the United States added 227,000 net jobs in February, the third consecutive month of gains over 200,000. The unemployment rate was unchanged from 8.3 percent in January, the Labor Department reported Friday, as more people looked for work.

The strong job growth numbers could bolster President Obama’s effort to make the case to voters that his economic policies are working.

Average wages, which many economists were watching closely, ticked up as well, from $23.28 an hour to $23.31 an hour, a 0.1 percent gain. If growth in hiring is accompanied by growth in wages, it could be a sign that unemployment among qualified workers is dropping and that more of the remaining people looking for work are not qualified to fill the current vacancies.

The report followed a flurry of positive economic reports about the American economy, including a continued rise in consumer confidence and growing strength in the manufacturing sector.

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  1. STOP THE PRESSES! After 3 years of lethargy, some rotten 1%’ers have added jobs! Must be due to Obama’s policies! Look boys, it worked! Guess if we wait long enough anything will work.

  2. If you believe Obama’s unemployment numbers then you’re likely to believe he sat in Reverend Wright’s church for 20 years and never heard the racist bigotry that flowed from Wright’s pulpit like water over Niagara Falls.

  3. That’s what the facts say? Really? UE is at 8.3%. That’s a fact sparky. Tell me about job growth, common tell me. Why not whip out another chart showing us that Obama “created or saved” 5 million jobs. You know you’re full of crap and we know you’re full of crap. And we all know Obama is the mother of all crap. So go ahead, whip out another chart telling us what we see is a mirage.

  4. I said, a long time ago, that the proper response to the recession was for the government to do nothing, because the economy always adjusts. Perry and the Phoenician always mocked that answer, but it was the right one. And when did the economy start picking up again? It wasn’t long after the Republicans took over the House of Representatives and created what Wagonwheel refers to as a “do-nothing Congress.” President Obama’s continual attempts to meddle with the economy are being blocked by the wise Republicans in Congress, and now the economy is growing again. I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

  5. “And when did the economy start picking up again?”

    As the link I provided above demonstrates, shortly after the Recovery Act was passed.

    Please remove Hoagie’s post dated March 10, 2012 at 09:13 as a violation of your comments policy. I also point out that Hoagie is a repeat offender.

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