Have you ever noticed that . . .

. . . there are a lot of conservatives who started out as liberals, but very few liberals who started out as conservatives?


  1. David Brock of Media Matters, and Ariana Huffington of the Huffpo to name just two of the more prominent turncoats.

  2. Ropelight, what do we know of Ariana? She was married to a wealthy Republican (who could be described as an Establishment-type Republican, much less Conservative). But did she do anything beyond supporting her husband on TV?

    And as far as David Brock is concerned, is he really a turn-coat? Or is he more Establishment, meaning automatically to the Left of and out of touch with the Republican grass-roots, as multiple years of polling have rather lopsidedly shown?

  3. Breitbart was a Liberal before he wisened up. Neo-neocon was a Liberal before she wisened up. Ronald Reagan was a Democrat before the Democrat Party made many of its numerous lurches Leftward and heavily into Socialism. Rick Perry was a Conservative Southern Democrat, even after the Reagan landslide elections. Lee Stranahan was a very staunch Liberal, now after his multiple “muggings” by Liberals because he merely sought after FACTS, I seriously doubt Stranahan is nearly as Liberal as he once was. And I can guarantee multiple Liberal online outlets are no longer considered worthy of trust or respect due to their wholly dishonest and hateful attacks against Stranahan.

    The list of Liberal-to-Conservative is a mile long and growing. The list of Conservative-to-Liberal is miniscule, if not microscopic in comparison.

    Heck, both my parents were foolish enough to vote for Carter (the second-worst President in my lifetime (and quite possibly the fourth-worst President of all time (or higher) behind Wilson and FDR), now that Obama is President) in 1976 and 1980.

  4. Hitch, both David Brock and Ariana Huffington had solid GOP/Conservative credentials before being seduced by the dark side. Plenty of information on-line.

  5. Liberals do one of two things when they find out there is no free lunch. 1. They whine they aren’t getting their “fair share” of OPM and demand they should be given everything, including their “Free Lunch.” The Phrase “Personal Responsibility” does not exist in their vocabulary nor is the meaning of it either. OR 2. Upon discovering the “Free Lunch” was a myth, real people took matters into their own hands and rebuilt a new and a better life gaining access to the 1%.

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