One wonders what would be said were Mitt Romney to launch "White Americans for Romney"

OK, the title is false: no one actually wonders, no one wonders at all. We all know what would happen! But that sure didn't stop our 44th President from launching “African Americans for Obama.

If you took the time to listen to the President's message — and it's only 1:43 long — you'll note that the President who supports Affirmative Action says that we ought to want a nation “where everybody gets a fair shot, everybody does their fair share, and everybody plays by the same rules.”1 Under Affirmative Action, not everybody gets a fair shot, and not everybody plays by the same rules.

The Catholic League noticed something else about the video:


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Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on a new video by President Barack Obama that was cut to launch his “African Americans for Obama” campaign:

It is hardly newsworthy for President Obama to beckon African Americans to support his presidential campaign, but his clarion call to black churches to get on board represents a break with presidential politics: it is a deliberate challenge to the IRS stricture governing the role of religion in politics.

In the video, President Obama explicitly calls on African Americans to go “to your faith community”2 to get the word out about his campaign. He even goes so far as to say that “congregation captains”3 should be organized to accomplish this goal.

This is good news. It means that the IRS harness on the clergy is officially off. Priests can now appoint “congregation captains” who will inform the faithful about attempts by the Obama administration to deny Catholics their First Amendment rights. By formally appealing to their parishioners to mobilize against the Obamacare legislation, priests will be faithfully implementing the president’s new initiative.

Bishops, of course, will be able to seize on this ground-breaking proposal by asking priests, nuns, brothers, school teachers—lay leaders of every cause—to get the word out about the draconian Health and Human Services edict.

In other words, by undoing the IRS muzzle on black ministers, Obama has also made it possible for bishops and priests to organize against his war on Catholics with impunity. The timing is auspicious.

Your editor suspects that the Catholic League's article employs a rather large amount of sarcasm in its last three paragraphs. President Obama cannot simply suspend the law and Infernal Revenue Service regulations concerning what priests and ministers can do and cannot do to retain their tax-exempt status; rather, he's simply telling black ministers and black congregations that they can go ahead and break the law, and, wink, wink, nudge, nudge, they won't be prosecuted or lose their tax exempt status.

Your editor would also guess that our friends on the left, the ones who have complained about the churches getting involved in politics due to the Obama Administration's attempt to force religious organizations with moral objections to contraception to provide contraception anyway, would be just hopping mad that the President is calling on the black churches to get involved in politics.

OK, that's another falsehood: your editor wouldn't expect that in the least.

The one thing that our liberal friends have yet to figure out is that they won the argument. Really beginning in the 1960s, the Democrats, led first by President Kennedy and then President Johnson, pushed the belief that it really should be, as President Obama characterized it, that “everybody plays by the same rules.” The state should not engage in discrimination, either de jure or de facto, and though it was a bit slow in coming, that argument has been accepted as a general part of our culture. Conservatives agree: everybody should play by the same rules, and nobody should receive either special treatment or particular penalties because of whom he is.

This issue should be settled, but it is not, because so many of our friends on the left do not want everybody to play by the same rules, but believe that we now need special rules to somehow societally engineer a reverse of what damage was done when it was clear, and even legally mandated, that not everybody plays by the same rules. Due to the passage of time, the penalties which would be imposed on some, to engage in that societal engineering, would not be upon the people who were taking advantage of Jim Crow or the more subtle, but still just as potent, forms of racial discrimination outside of the South, but upon their children and grandchildren; the people who reaped the benefits of segregation are all long retired or dead.

And now, our first biracial President, who sits in the Oval Office today because many white people willingly chose to vote for a non-white candidate, sees absolutely nothing wrong with injecting race into the campaign, with the creation of his campaign African-Americans for Obama. The mirror-image, the reductio ad absurdum if you will, posted in the title, of “White Americans for Romney,” shows just how repugnant the President's idea truly is. the problem is that so many of our Democratic friends do not take the time to examine just what they do, because it really takes very little examination, the mirror-image as I put it, to see how repugnant the idea is.

If you want a society where racism has no real hold on government action, the only way to do that is to stop using race as a point of discrimination in government action. Why that is such a difficult concept certainly escapes conservatives.

  1. From 0:53 through 0:59 on the tape.
  2. 1:08 in the video; this footnote added by the editor, and was not part of the Catholic League's original.
  3. 1:30 in the video; this footnote added by the editor, and was not part of the Catholic League's original.

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