Rule 5 Blogging: IDF edition

The editor at THE FIRST STREET JOURNAL has his own ideas about what really ought to constitute Rule 5 Blogging. While the esteemed Robert Stacy McCain believes it should mean pictures of Christina Hendricks or Anne Hathaway or Natalie Portman or Sarah Palin dressed in their summer clothes, your editor, while he recognizes that such pictures do increase hits, tends to look at feminine pulchritude another way. And, inasmuch as your editor also realizes just how much he can inflame our friends on the left by doing anything which would seem to favor Israel over the poor, downtrodden Palestinians, he has decided that this issue of Rule 5 Blogging will feature the Israeli Defence Force!

Monitoring the border from a tastefully appointed guard tower

IDF Training: That's a real grenade!

Luxury accommodations

Note how she carefully color-coordinated her makeup to match her eyes

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